Future icon: Kuboraum X-Series mask: X10 and X11

Powerful asymmetric statement mask design by the Berlin-based creative label

In fashion, asymmetry is daring, whether for the cut of a neckline or the drape of a hem. In eyewear, the effect on the face is positively dramatic so much so that most of the great designers have tried it. Pierre Cardin was drawn to the concept in the 1960s in oversized styles with immeasurable wit (a square eye shape next to a circle), while iconic designers, from Silhouette to Mikli, Casanova to Cazal have all taken their turn to reinvent the frame with an asymmetric line or colour mix that completely challenges the norm.

This season, the Berlin designers at Kuboraum have created one of the eye-catchers of the year in their X-Series, taking a clean-cut, iconic shape and revitalising the shape in a new and progressive unisex mask, one that will be a reference for those who follow the fashion history of frames. Above: girl wears the unisex monochrome X11 – with asymmetric shape and colour scheme in white with smoke

Kuboraum: the all black matt version of the X11 mask

The X10 and X11 masks come in the form of asymmetrical silhouettes, oversized (X10) or slim and narrow (X11), played out in bold proportions with the accentuation of volume through a vertical sharp cut precisely which brakes up the shapes into two diverging levels of chunky 5mm and 7mm thick acetate. Each of the lenses is marginally offset to the other completing their dynamic statement. 

Götti Switzerland
MOREL par Jean Nouvel
OGI Eyewear
X11 by Kuboraum in Havana

X10 and X11 come as part of a Spring release that also embraces variety and diversity – and beautiful balanced colour. Highlights for collectors (as well as the above) will include the H92 mask, an acetate and metal ‘frame within a frame’ design with the authentic handcrafted traits of the Kuboraum style.

Kuboraum is one of the featured outstanding independent brands in the Eyestylist sunglasses bulletin, published this month – click on the link to read the features: https://www.eyestylist.com/eyestylist-trend-bulletin-issue-3/ Find out more about Kuboraum’s new concepts and current music and shop-in-shop activities at www.kuboraum.com