The architect Jean Nouvel interprets the frame

A glasses line by the award-winning architect, in collaboration with French company Morel

National Museum of Qatar in Doha. Skyscraper ‘La Marseillaise’ in the South of France. The bullet-shaped Torre Glories (formally Agbar), Barcelona. The Louvre Abu Dhabi. Nouvel is the architect behind these and many other buildings of international significance, and has become revered for his work worldwide – his experimental attitude goes hand in hand with a fascination for design innovation, contrasts in light and shadow, and colour and transparent effects.  And now the architect has turned for the first time to glasses, collaborating on a capsule collection with the historic French company Morel and creating designs that prioritise simplicity and a clean and minimal look. Above: essential elements such as structure, material and lines create a visual aesthetic, both in eyewear and in architecture: girl wears the panto as interpreted by Nouvel – model 90009C

Morel by Jean Nouvel: model 90009C in crystal

“I am not a designer but an architect who designs. I call my objects my small architectures. With these glasses, I wanted to be confronted with archetypes. I wanted to develop the glasses type around great simplicity. I immediately had two circles and a horizontal in mind…” Jean Nouvel


Key elements of the architect’s spectacle designs are the perfectly round circles, polished edges, and attention on the horizontal lines and how they play out for the human face. Continuity is a considered factor to harmonise the front with the temples, an important detail which lends the frames a strong and eloquent architectural style.

Morel by Jean Nouvel model 90009C in red
A clear architectural style: Morel by architect Jean Nouvel: 90008C in titanium

The collection includes acetate models and fine titanium frames, materials selected for their comfort and functionality as well as their quality and powerful aesthetic. Acetate allows for a play on depth and colour, while the titanium gives a comfortable lightweight fit and creates a special finesse in the construction of the frame. Providing absolute versatility each optical shape – round or panto – selected as an architectural ‘icon’ –  is available in a corresponding sunglass fitted with CR39 polarized lenses with an anti-reflective blue interior. Find out more about Morel on Eyestylist by clicking on the link: To see the full MOREL by Jean Nouvel collection visit