Online exclusive: Stefan Sagmeister x Götti Switzerland

A collaborative topline design inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Götti Switzerland has teamed with New York based Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister – to create a frame inspired by Frida Kahlo. Characterised by a strong, eye-catching browline – described as “a single iconic brush stroke” – over an extremely minimal pared back construction of the lenses, temples and hinges, this frame combines a 3D printed Polyamide brow piece with a very sinuous stainless steel LITE temple. The photochromic light-adaptive lenses adjust from an almost clear 12% indoors to a darker 85% for sunny conditions and offer 100% UVA/B sun protection as well as having an anti-reflective inner coating. Above: the new Limited Edition Frida style with packaging and logo design by Sagmeister

Sagmeister x Götti Switzerland: inspired by Frida Kahlo’s iconic “monobrow”

Sagmeister’s last sabbatical in Mexico City and his perception of Kahlo on souvenir after souvenir – “as a presence for relentless touristic consumption”  – formed the basis of the concept which grew into this design with the Swiss eyewear producer. Sagmeister states: “Kahlo is among the few artists whose fame reached such heights that her features — like Salvador Dali’s mustache or Andy Warhol’s wig — morphed into a visual signifier, a logo. As a designer fascinated by the creation and evolution of such logos, transforming one of them back into a product seemed like the logical thing to do….”

VAVA Eyewear

Releasing a Limited Edition of just 300 pairs – the frame goes on sale online from 10th to 17th June exclusively (at Euro 515). Visit to find complete details.