Eyestylist exclusive: Cinematic chic at Fleye Copenhagen

New inspiration at the Danish label, delving into the world of the silent movie

Silent Noise, a new line launching this month at the Danish design label Fleye Copenhagen, is born out of exciting inspirational ideas drawn from the life and personality of silent movie actress, Asta Nielsen (known most often as Die Asta). Nielsen was a leading lady in the cinema in the 1910s  – she moved to Germany to pursue her successful career, and was also a real fashion icon of her time. She had dark brown eyes and hair, and became famous for her diva-like, colorful and expressive character, on and off screen.

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MOREL par Jean Nouvel
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Jesta by Fleye Copenhagen: an expression of the new directions for the autumn/winter season – light, subtle, with sophisticated decorative pattern

The designers took a trip down memory lane to the post-war era which brought them to their inspiration. By visualizing Nielsen and the diva lifestyle she lived for many years, they experimented with shattered glass – a symbol of champagne glasses, and shadows and feathers to capture the mood of the silent movies and the actress’s story, “without words”.

Fleye Copenhagen: a complex study of the actress’s lifestyle led to inspiration for the unique colorations

Inspired by movie posters of the era, and the work with the inspirational environment, the new colorways and engravings are expressive and beautiful – sometimes contrasting in colour and expression. A few designs have a solid dark front with a colorful contrasting back, while others are  feminine but powerful – almost oversized, or thinner with a strong character; each one a symbol of Asta Nielsen’s person and memserising way of life. For more information: www.fleye.dk