Modern & minimalist: Morel par Jean Nouvel

Combination style added to collection of “small architectures” by the renowned architect 

Following their first collaborative collection, the architect Jean Nouvel and French label Morel have worked on a new bold spectacles design where fine materials are combined to achieve a new aesthetic for the distinctive round shape favoured by Nouvel. The combination results in a highly technical product with a flat titanium structure in which a fine circle of colored acetate has been delicately inserted. Above: the new 90012 titanium + acetate model ‘Morel par Jean Nouvel’ – produced in collaboration with the architect

A new addition: combination style 90012 in red/black – the colours have a playful elegance

The combination design features acetate with a translucency which resembles crystal, or matte finish acetate, compared to natural granite. The pure spirit of Jean Nouvel’s design is translated through Morel’s eyewear expertise – in the finely crafted, minimalist details and high-tech functionality allowing for absolute comfort.

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Morel par Jean Nouvel: red is a feature in this line – the 90011C is a handsome acetate design in the first collection, and is characterised by pure lines and proportions, resulting in a bold expression

Red is a recurring colour in the collection. Evoking passion, danger, prosperity, and love, it is a hue that architects regularly use, whether to tell a story or evoke a feeling or reaction. The new combination frame (top) is available in the striking combination of red and black, as well as other distinctive pairings of tortoise/black and blue/black. Find out more at