Titanium eyewear: Blackfin One style Simos

Statement titanium design with a lightweight build

Large round rims are set to be a staple shape this season. The innovation that goes into creating some of these designs and their unique constructions distinguishes the fine ones from the mass produced, with colorations and colour pairings that are wonderfully creative.

For their new styles in titanium sheet, the Italian company Blackfin explores how the technical characteristics of a frame can merge with an artistic aesthetic that is bold yet refined incorporating trendy shapes and details with a distinctive style. The Blackfin One line features frames where an interplay between the top rim’s bold 2.5 mm thick sheet and 2.00 mm rims forge a 3-D structure with modern proportions on the fronts. The look is accentuated by contrasting bright and pastel colours with matte or polished finishes for a sophisticated edge.

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Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
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Model Simos by Blackfin One: a trendy large round frame style for Autumn/Winter

The large round rims of style Simos express a contemporary spirit and a clear architectural influence. Sections are cut from the lenses where the colour on the front changes, creating a special look that emphasizes the two-tone concept which looks bold and beautiful as it frames the face.

About Blackfin: Blackfin is an independent eyewear company with a special focus on titanium and advanced design. The frames are made following 53 production steps, the expression of industrial precision merged with artisan excellence. Find out more at  www.blackfin.eu