Eco commitment: tree planting at VAVA

The eyewear company plants 1000 new trees in Peneda-Gerês National Park – Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal

Trees have been planted by VAVA in recognition of 23rd November, a date which promotes the native forest and the native species and raises awareness of their importance. The eyewear label organised an event to plant 1000 indigenous trees in their homeland at Arcos de Valdevez. This particular area in Northern Portugal suffered from large wildfires in the summer of 2017 where the devastating damage of the natural setting and ecosystems left some areas barren of their natural vegetation. The region is often referred to as an area of outstanding beauty.

The VAVA team and volunteers – Peneda-Gerês National Park
The VAVA team: left: Pedro da Silva, Creative Director, VAVA
1000 trees planted by VAVA – the species included birch, Arbutus, chestnut and oak

The initiative is part of VAVA’s new Theorem project to gather and inspire others to fight against climate change and move forward to a more sustainable future.

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VAVA describes their new Theorem as “a philosophy to intertwine the needs of humans and Planet Earth”. It fuses their principles and actions in the pursuit of equilibrium that they have committed to follow. The VAVA Theorem incorporates enhancement of people, protection of the environment, respect of ethical values and promotion of culture. One of its purposes is to convey vital information in a clear and organised fashion, so that the reader can understand the development and concepts behind the evolution of VAVA’s sustainability project. It also represents an effort to bring greater transparency to VAVA’s endeavours in terms of the environmental, societal and political challenges faced on a global scale. Find out more about VAVA Eyewear at