Fleye Copenhagen: a universe of joy and colour

The Copenhagen brand announces new state-of-the-art styles in their Silent Noise collection. Among the selection are four new frames created in HDCA – hard density cellulose acetate – a material with many special qualities

New styles in the Silent Noise collection are characterised by an impressive choice of materials, from carbon/wood combinations – a signature look from Fleye, as well as beta-titanium and acetate. The acetate designs use a hard density material which allows for the creation of frames with a minimal width and depth, providing a very slim and pared-back look while retaining a beautiful glow. Above: model wears the patterned version of model Elsie in the Silent Noise collection – the exquisite coloration offers a wonderfully fun and quirky statement

Model Elsie by Fleye Copenhagen – featuring the beautiful acetate material used by the brand

The frames released include 14 styles in total, the 4 acetate frames, 7 new carbon/wood frames and 3 new beta-titanium frames with subtle details. Each design is representative of the silent movie star Asta Nielsen and “her ability to create a universe full of expression without the use of words.”

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Carlotta's Village
EOE Sustainable Eyewear from Swedish Lapland
Götti Switzerland
Fleye Copenhagen: the titanium design Margit is subtle and expresssive – a beautiful frame choice for 2022
Stella by Fleye Copenhagen: an almond shape is feminine and full of character

In Silent Noise, a concept first launched by Fleye in September 2021, the design team was inspired by the lifestyle of Asta Nielsen. From an experiment with shattered glass as a symbol of champagne glasses, pearls and feathers and the different movements of the elements which created beautiful shadows and lightnings, unique concepts of design and colour were translated into designs and patterns in the eyewear styles.

A note on Fleye’s HDCA: FLEYE’s acetate frames are made of HDCA (Hard Density Cellulose Acetate) – a special, compressed acetate for ultra-thin, lightweight frames. The acetate frames can be created with a highly polished finish or can be sandblasted to a completely matte finish. Additionally, they can be formed in any shape while weighing extremely little. These features means that there is plenty of room to be creative with form, pattern design and colour combinations. 
Acetate is a natural and hypoallergenic material consisting of organic materials such as cotton and paper pulp. Fleye ‘s acetate frames are manufactured using a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. This requires great precision to create the colours and unique patterns. Find out more about the Silent Noise collection at https://www.eyestylist.com/2021/09/eyestylist-exclusive-cinematic-chic-at-fleye-copenhagen/
For more information about the brand, visit www.fleye.dk