JF Rey: eyewear styles for men

“There is no limit,” says JF Rey designer, Olivier Mollard

At JF Rey, a new generation of colorful frames propose a modern combination of materials, developed and created by in-house designer Olivier Mollard. Mollard, who has worked on all four CarbonWood collections, explains that this 4th generation line presents the material combination carbon wood and acetate for the very first time, a technical feat that explores concepts of materiality, precise details, texture, and functionality of the design – closely following the DNA of the brand but without any limitation on how each product evolves. The acetate is assembled on the top section of each frame, with the carbon fibre on temples and lower rims, with a mix of bold colours as well as a more vintage inspired tonal palette.

Some key models in the line are available in a limited series, featuring Mazzuchelli colours. “Colours, thicknesses and textures artistically interact, highlighting the complexity and stylistic performance of the creations” explains the designer. The JF Rey line also explores other modern materials for men such as a mix of glass and carbon fibre. Above: JF 3001 – this frame features a contemporary glass/carbon fibre material

JF2961 in the new CarbonWood series: vintage inspiration for shapes and details – “colours, thicknesses and textures

Details are particularly precise for the combination frames featuring acetate. Appearing on the frame fronts and temples, the miniature TORX screws feature starred heads inspired by jewelry.

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JF2962 in the CarbonWood series – a classic statement design for men – solid and flexible – with state-of-the-art details such as special flex hinges

Carefully conceived both for comfort and design, the CarbonWood frames are also characterised by visibly reduced thicknesses of the carbon material which make them lightweight and flexible as well as visually slender and streamlined, giving a particularly contemporary overall feel.

CarbonWood, the 4th generation acetate/carbon frames and the new glass/carbon fibre designs are available at selected opticians. For more information visit: www.jfrey.fr