Sea2see: 5 Oceans collection

Pushing for progress in sustainable eyewear

A new line of frames by the B-Corp eyewear label, Sea2see represents a step forward for their design work with recycled ocean plastic, using the material to reflect a variety of colours and special effects which evoke the natural tones of the oceans. Details such as gradient colours and wave patterns characterise the frames which are inspired by the beauty of the five oceans of the world. The material is produced from marine waste collected via the Sea2see Foundation by communities in West Africa. The waste is then up-cycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called UPSEA™ PLAST. Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified, the material at Sea2see represents a unique development in eyewear, combining a quality finish with durability, lightness, ease of wear as well as a stylish aesthetic and wide choice of colours and finishes. Above: Sea2see has launched a major campaign for the 5 Oceans collection, with photography by Weston Fuller. The collection was presented to mark the 5th anniversary of the ‘seastainable’ brand

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Optical frame Venezia by Sea2see and above, Treviso Sun – styles in the 5 Oceans collection. The recycled material has been developed to offer variations in colours and patterns. The frames are made to high standards in Italy

In 2022, Sea2see has achieved B-Corp status as well as committing to a carbon negative future. Its focus on openness and transparency in every step of the making and production of its eyewear collections as well as commitment to a circular economy has set a new precedent for the eyewear industry to encourage production of frames via genuinely sustainable means.

Since 2019, Sea2see has developed their marine waste collection program in West Africa where they have both an environmental and social impact. Coastal communities benefit from a new source of income and the coastal environment is cleaned up. Read more about Sea2see’s “sustainable” eyewear at