Kuboraum’s 10th Annniversary: “10 years of travelling”

Special anniversary celebrations for 2022, and a new store in Milan

On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, Kuboraum has celebrated the journey that started in Berlin in 2012 with a year-long series of events, exploring the brand’s relationship with eyewear, music and art. The event invites everyone to leave behind preconceptions about reality and go beyond the physical world, to embark on a journey that aims to create a strong sense of community. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to trigger a movement which will encourage people to dig deeper and reveal their personal inner self, as Kuboraum’s manifesto ‘We Travel To Know Our Own Geography’ recites. Sharing these common values, Kuboraum & Terraforma have presented a co-curated event series as part of ‘10 Years Of Travelling’ which will take place throughout the year in different spaces in collaboration with various multidisciplinary artists. This project will involve evocative locations and will explore the relationship between music, art and the urban dimension. Above: interior of the new KUBORAUM + INNERRAUM store in Milan (Photography: @piercarloqueccia DSL Studio)

A ‘patchwork’ wall of plaster sculpture in the new Milan store (@emi_maggi)

After a successful first event in Venice during the opening of the 59th Venice Biennale, Kuboraum announced a ‘10 Years Of Travelling’ event in Milan on April 28th at CASA FLASH ART, along with the inauguration of the new KUBORAUM & INNERRAUM Flagship Store in the centre of Milan. Besides an exhibition of Kuboraum’s Eye Couture masks, which focused on precious Italian handcraft and follows the brand’s genesis and evolution, the artists involved in this event were AGNES QUESTIONMARK (Agnes?), who presented her new performance SIRENOMELIA, and a DJ set by PAN label head Bill Kouligas.

Agnes?, born in Rome and based in London, with her SIRENOMELIA explored the depths and limits of identity and evolution, which stem from her own personal exploration. Depicted as an aquatic hybrid creature, she wishes to portray a metaphor for body and identity as liquid entities that constantly change in form and shape. Bill Kouligas, founder and artistic director of the multidisciplinary platform and record label PAN, investigated identity in terms of music, embarking on a journey into the unknown through other-worldly sounds that define conventions of ‘genre’.

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Details: interior, KUBORAUM & INNERRAUM Flagship Store – Milan

The KUBORAUM & INNERRAUM Flagship Store opened at via Bigli 24, in the centre of Milan, and consists of two rooms, with a powerful design that goes beyond the usual concept of retail. As a post on the brand’s Instagram page explains, one room features Kuboraum and presents a patchwork wall of plaster as a tribute by founder Livio to the Italian Neo Classical sculptor Antonio Canova, and sculptures by artist Emiliano Maggi that combine psychedelic scenarios with mythological symbolism and rural iconography inspired by fairy tales and dreams. The second room houses Innerraum and has a sci-fi style light box with a glass bookcase made by Glass Italia in collaboration with the architect Andrea Eusebi.

Via Bigli 24, Milan, Italy

A feature by Alberto Massaro exclusively for Eyestylist.com. Images by kind permission of Andrea Eusebi, architect. Sculpture by @emi_maggi. Photography; @piercarloqueccia – @dsl_studio. All rights reserved.