Rolf Spectacles: State Prize for Design 2022

The brand has won the prestigious Austrian award: Staatspreis Design 2022

Rolf Spectacles have been recognised for their sustainable and eco-friendly design work in the field of eyewear winning the consumer category of the Bundesminiosterium (BMDW) Staatspreis Design 2022. In a statement by the jury, their design style was praised for its “functional, detail-conscious, balanced, discreet” look. “Rolf glasses enable a sustainable, environmentally friendly [path] into the future”, they added. Photo credit: BMDW/Silveri

Rolf Spectacles’ award-winning plant-based eyewear, Substance

The Staatspreis Design is an Austrian State award, and the highest accolade in the country for design innovation. “We are overjoyed and proud of our entire team,” said Roland Wolf, company co-founder. “Even being nominated for the State Prize for Design was very important to us. To actually win it is something really big for us.”

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The Substance collection, made from the beans of a fast-growing species of the Euphorbiaceae was first launched in 2020, and has won multiple awards since then, including a Silmo D’Or in Paris in 2021. Find out more: