l.a. Eyeworks: radiating artistic freedom

The latest frames by the iconic LA designers are bold and graphic statements,  radiating artistic freedom through a palette of bright and energetic colours that denote hope and joy

The Fall/Winter collection at l.a.Eyeworks is uplifting and full of terrific surprises, achievable only with the most attentive craftsmanship and detailing alongside the traditionally creative use of colour and inventive patterns selected for the designs. Celebrating an incredible 43 years this September, the company continues to create frame designs that break rules and bring new possibilities for the wearer, with a whole new raft of shapes or details that promote individuality and creativity with a bold artistic “soul”. Above: Gai Gherardi, co-founder/designer, l.a.Eyeworks at Silmo 2022, wearing the Montserrat in a ‘glossy’ black – photography by Amanda Sellem exclusively for Eyestylist – all rights reserved

l.a. Eyeworks’ Montserrat is part of this season’s exciting graphic collection – the frame is made in Japan – combining an acetate rim with titanium

One of the highlights in the season’s collection is model Montserrat, a unique design which is characterised by a ring of precise perforations around the lens. The design is described by the makers as “super hypnotic” and is clearly a favourite of Gai Gherardi who has been wearing it for the seasonal shows in black.

l.a. Eyeworks model Curly is a stunning modern square-oval shape – pictured in the wonderful “Roast Carrot” orange colorway

Model Curly offers a whole new way of wearing a shape that is inspired (but just a little!) by the classic aviator; the model has charismatic curves and an eye-catching keyhole bridge and is produced in HD acetate, making it sturdy and lightweight as well as unabashedly bold.

l.a. Eyeworks’ Goodall comes in some amazing patterns including ocean-inspired ‘Barbados blue’

Patterned materials have long been a passion at l.a.Eyeworks, and their “eye-dazzling ones” are always a delight. The angular model Goodall comes in a choice of colours (we wouldn’t know how to choose between these!), ranging from fairy tortoise and Barbados blue to  whimsical ‘sparrow’ with delicate spots and feather patterns on a translucent crystal base. Find out more about all the new styles in the collection at www.laeyeworks.com