3D printed: Quantum High for Autumn/Winter

Ørgreen Optics has created new 3D printed styles with beta titanium temples

The latest cutting edge frames created using 3D printing represent a new chapter in the evolution of advanced frames offering functionality, minimal design and style-driven colour, fused into one. According to the Danish designers at Ørgreen, the technology continues to offer an enticing opportunity to design frames that function differently, that change wearer experience and offer enhanced comfort and fit. With continued focus on innovation, the design company proposes new styles with 3D printed polyamide fronts paired with sleek 1.2 mm wide beta-titanium temples, developed with their own hinge design which is discreet and refined, a nod to the traditions of Danish product design.

High Life by Ørgreen Optics

Mixing a muted palette for the slightly textured polyamide with a touch of vibrancy on the temples creates a series of contemporary colour combinations – highlights include the Happy Lavender tone, close to the trending colour digital lavender – paired with matt gold and matt purple – and an “amber” green that has a brightness which is further enhanced by the shiny gold. Find out more about this special drop for November at www.orgreenoptics.com CN