Sustainability report: VAVA Eyewear

The brand has released its first THEOREM report, which explores its progress thus far in being more conscious, transparent and sustainable as well as addressing its plans for the future

The avantgarde eyewear label, VAVA, created by Pedro da Silva, has released a sustainability report, which sets out its pathway as a fashion brand towards “a more conscious, transparent and sustainable fashion industry”. Through the report, the VAVA team expresses its fears, hopes and commitments, stating that they wish to demarcate the line between an industry that speaks and an industry that acts.

The VAVA THEOREM is the result of a deep commitment to sustainability, change and genuine progress. “One of the purposes is to convey vital information in a clear and organised fashion, so that the reader can understand the development and concepts behind the evolution of VAVA’s sustainability project, explains Pedro da Silva. “Our Theorem is not merely reportage but also represents our effort to bring greater transparency to our endeavours in terms of the environmental, societal and political challenges that all of us face, globally.”

Among the areas considered in the report on 2021 are Environmental Protection, Economic Prosperity and Social Responsibility. It also outlines VAVA’s consultancy programme with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) a commitment which is allowing the brand to build a 360º sustainability strategy with clear goals and deadlines. VAVA has also revealed that it also recently joined the internationally renowned organisation, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD).

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