Eyestylist Exclusive: Alexander Capote, Capote Eyewear

The young Venezuelan-born founder of Capote Eyewear is catching the attention of connoisseurs of eyewear. Among the attributes of the Capote collection are a totally unique craft and design philosophy, with vitality and feeling inspired by Ibiza – magically wrapped up inside every frame. Here, Eyestylist talked to Alexander for the first time.

Capote Eyewear is becoming noticed internationally for its fusion of ideas, qualitative production and its one-of-a-kind design and design philosophy. Can you explain a little bit about how it all started? I’ve always been a vintage sunglasses collector. In 2014, I decided to open my own vintage sunglasses store, a key transition to the building of my own brand that started that summer. Capote slowly started in 2015.

What does Ibiza mean to you and how is it so intrinsic to the feeling of the brand? Ibiza’s fascinating art scene attracts inspirational and fashion-conscious people. It is therefore fertile soil for pushing the boundaries of conventional design and fashion. It was thus through a natural process that Capote flourished on the island.

Capote animism collection: Kenaz 999 in antique gold

Has Ibiza always been your home?  Ibiza has been my home since 2008. I grew up between Caracas and the countryside. After leaving Venezuela, my interest in getting to know different cultures pushed me to travel around the globe. That’s also why Capote’s community is so diverse and multi-cultural.

Capote has a store in Ibiza and it has existed for some time. Can you tell us about it and what your plans are for it? It is a flagship store that we are currently renovating to bring in some freshness for summer 2023. The main idea behind this store is to represent as much as possible the Capote vibe. The space is divided in two: the physical store is downstairs, and our lab occupies the first floor. The lab is dedicated to the development and customization of the frames.

As a brand, what have been your challenges in getting to this point? The main challenge is to bring an innovative approach and materials to our collection. This is why we’re taking the best out of aluminum, acetate, recycled material, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, etc. We explore a variety of techniques to shape those into frames and make them unique. Another challenge is keeping the link between the brand and the custumer as direct as possible, by encouraging a micro-production that involves few intermediaries. Last but not least, we aim to develop and maintain a strong community around Capote, which is an enjoyable journey but sometimes quite tough.

ACX285 by Capote Eyewear in antique gold

You have a particular notion of eyewear design, materiality, harmony and inspiration such as nature…how would you describe the frames in your current eyewear collection for Spring/summer 2023? By incorporating nature-inspired silhouettes, colours and textures, the new collection’s roots mirror Ibiza’s natural architecture. The new frames are formed by the combination of two or more simple shapes, giving more dimensional strength to our designs. In this geometrical collection, angles meet natural shapes and lines cross curves. Harmony is found in an area of contrasts and juxtapositions, providing fertile ground for limitless creativity.

Details of Walking Dreams by Capote Eyewear: a highlight for 2023

We noticed you recently did a cool looking pop-up in Paris. How did that go, and what did you learn about the Parisian consumer? We decided to develop the Parisian pop-up during Fashion Week. This super exciting new chapter is meant to get closer to our community by offering the Capote vibe within easy reach.

Adding a touch of eccentricity and wit: the Amour sunglasses  in the Area collection by Capote

About the Capote Eyewear collections for 2023: This year’s collections comprise ‘Animism’ titanium and acetate ranges and ‘Area’, inspired by the sun-soaked landscapes and architectural style of the island of Ibiza. The selection of angular, textured frames includes titanium/beta titanium geometric pieces in a palette of black/brown/bronze and antique silver. The Amour style breaks up the minimal direction, but perfectly sits with it as a charming, heart-shaped design worked artfully in titanium. Quite a different story from the ubiquitous ‘commercial’ heart glasses, the result is an eccentric artisan statement of design, fun and free-spirited.

The Animism Collection – Animism derives from Latin, anima means ‘breath, spirit, life’ –  perfectly embodies the feeling of the brand with the concept which attributes inner life to both animate and inanimate elements of the world. The eyewear in the line – which includes nicely proportioned artisan styles in acetate or titanium, suited to sun or optical lenses – also presents the INCUBUS mask, constructed in steel and rubber with Carbolite lenses – and originally designed by Capote for the desert festivals and Burning Man. Find out more about Capote Eyewear on our link at https://www.eyestylist.com/2021/02/mens-glasses-capote-eyewear and at www.capoteeyewear.com