Erker’s Special Reserve: new Limited Edition models

Two new refined models elevate the design of the heritage collection at Erker’s with a new polishing process, adding a range of custom elements throughout the frames, and upgrading from a standard brushed metal to a shiny silver – the ferris wheel rivets reference an important moment in the brand’s history

Combining the Erker’s family expertise, which dates back through generations, the Bouvier and Deardorf optical styles have been developed as being completely representative of the heritage of the brand and featuring detailed insignia, telling stories of the Erker family in each little detail. Found on the temple tips, a goggles icon notes their making of Charles Lindbergh’s goggles in the first ever nonstop transatlantic flight, while their year of inception and the generations of Erkers to run the business are found on the opposite side. On the interior of the temples, a custom-designed wire core is meant to resemble a microphone, a nod to the one-of-a-kind legends from the family’s hometown and some of the big-name celebrities that have sported an Erker’s frame. Ferris wheel rivets join the temple with the custom German hinge, matched by the decorative rivets on the front of the  Deardorf model featured in the collection. Above: model Deardorf by Erker’s – in the Special Reserve Limited Edition

Deardorf by Erker’s – available in blue grey, green sand, grey brown, and black red (pictured above)

Named after a veteran sales rep for a handful of their Northeast territories, the model Deardorf has a classic square shape, thick brows with a gentle curve at the bridge to offset the thinner lower rims, paired with a wide temple for a bold, sturdy style. A classic saddle bridge complements the thicker build, ensuring a comfortable fit. Matching the authentic rivets along the temples, four Ferris wheel rivets decorate the front of the frame, drawing the eyes upwards for an “uplifted” look.

The Ferris wheel is a detail that references the history of Saint Louis, where in 1904 at the World’s Fair, the very first ferris wheel rides were given. Erker’s Eyewear was the official photographer of the event.

Bouvier by Erker’s – an elegant cat eye design

Model Bouvier, named after a long-time sales rep of the North Carolina territory, features a bold and expressive silhouette. The sharp cat eye edge gives a dramatic feel, further accentuated by a narrow rectangular shape, thick rims, and a sleek straight brow. Custom designed and exclusive to Special Reserve, model Bouvier is available in four acetate blends including Burgundy Night and Antique Tort. For both frames, with the aim of retaining real exclusivity, just 100 styles of each colour have been made. For more information visit