At Die Brillenmesse in Stuttgart, Eyestylist experienced the new collection launched earlier this year by Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer – FHONE. The designers believe that “fashion inspires and evolves,” and model Bell is a striking example of modern minimalism and classic retro. Quality acetate is silhouetted into a chic little perfect panto shape, featuring sea-tones that resemble a symphony – where a sandy Caribbean beach meets the tropical ocean. For more information on this finely crafted collection, visit www.fhone.com JG


Refinement, elegance and artistic elements characterise L.G.R. frames. Designer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone selects superb materials that are 100% crafted in Italy. Model Martin expresses contemporary style for men in sanded cellulose acetate in sleek matt blue. With a passion for details, L.G.R. incorporates frame traditions with high tech innovations in each of their creations. www.lgrworld.com JG


Chris M

CM08 is a new cateye in the Chris M collection, by Vue dc designer Chris Mascré, launching this month at Silmo, Paris. Stunning colours including a sensational monochrome version are in line with high-fashion aesthetics for the new season. A delightful, wearable shape with a bi-colour front that provides a pretty diversion. Made in France. www.vuedc.fr CN


Coppe + Sid

Acclaimed bridges in famous Italian cities are the inspiration for the latest Coppe+Sid eyewear collection. Acetate in contrasting colours and thickness enhances Verona, and a serial numbered warranty card ensures authenticity. Coppe+Sid further personalize their designs with a little Lapis Lazuli inserted in the end-tips. Discover all the famous bridges by Coppe+Sid at the new website: www.eyedesignclub.com JG


Vera Wang

Fashion designer Vera Wang brings her highly refined style sense to the luxurious collection of frames she creates. The graceful silhouette of Ottillie, with its full shape and rounded curves, reflects elegance and chic. Water colour tones are soft and easy to wear, and this beautiful shade of silky green acetate harmonizes with many different colours. For more superb frames from Vera Wang click on www.kenmarkoptical.com JG


Gotti Switzerland

Bano should be at the top of your list if you love Genuine Horn eyewear. A classic retro look, the frame is elegant for men or women. Gotti uses the highest quality buffalo horn and hand polishing techniques that provide a luxurious lustre on the natural material. An eyewear experience to remember. www.gotti.ch CN

N. 53


The beauty of the Mediterranean is inspiration for Mondelliani in Rome. The latest collection of sunglasses features sensuous shapes in luscious acetate colours – including No. 53 in Indigo Blue and Pompeii Pink – that is reminiscent of a Mediterranean sunset. Note the chic lifted eyebrow for an additional glamorous accent. www.mondelliani.it JG


Jono Hennessy Australia

An artistic air permeates Jono Hennessy’s lovely collection of Watercolour Sheers. Luminous acetate in soft spring green highlights a design with contemporary flair, and a gentle sculptured shape with extended temple details. Watercolour Sheers also include see-through tones of blue, tortoiseshell and a smooth chocolate brown. More information on the latest Jono Hennessy collections at www.jonohennessy.com JG



“We dream glasses full of glances” is the motto of Pollipo in Rome. They believe that the most important aspect in eyewear is the person who wears the frame. Style 596 is a design for both men and women in glossy classic blonde tortoiseshell, with a distinguished keyhole bridge and double-jointed spring hinges. Pollipo also handcrafts elegant cases in genuine Tuscan leather – the case shown is in coral red. For more details about pure Italian craftsmanship for frames and accessories by Pollipo, visit www.pollipocchiali.it / www.pollipostore.com JG

Stranger No. 18

Adrian Marwitz

German eyewear designer Adrian Marwitz has just launched a new frame in featherweight Titanium, that is part of his Urban Stranger series. The graceful, contemporary shape in Stranger No. 18 – all handcrafted in Germany – is particularly stunning in a lustrous, shiny finish – a colour that is a lovely blend of copper and gold. www.adrianmarwitz.com JG

M4 Am Friedrichshain

ic! berlin

A good example of the clever colorations in the autumn/winter acetate release by ic! berlin. Five subdued and shadowy acetate colourways are represented, each one offering a cool earth tone such as flint grey, yellow sand or brown driftwood, as pictured, inspired by driftwood washed up on the beach. Frames can be fitted as opticals or sunglasses with slick matching graduated lens colours. The natural finish of the material is modern and mature. See more images at https://www.eyestylist.com/2014/11/trends-the-two-tone-front. www.ic-berlin.de CN



Savile Row

Beautifully crafted round shapes are a significant trend, and amongst the most elegant is Round by Savile Row. The graceful symmetry of the shape is artfully constructed in shiny rhodium – a rare and valuable precious metal, with a finely embossed nosepiece. Savile Row frames are handcrafted in London to the highest standards. www.savileroweyewear.com JG


Rotary No. 50

Padma Image Eyewear Design

New blood from Japan….We have our eye on Japan and a group of rising young designers who focus on specialist artisan production and innovative small collections.  I have been following Padma Image for a few months as their designs are available in a large number of Japanese optical stores including ‘eyewearshop’ (Asahikawa City) and The Glasses (Imabari-city) . Created by 28 year old Yuuki Hasui the collection is only available in Japan for the moment, but the designer tells Eyestylist he expects to launch in Europe and the US shortly. Made in Kagawa Prefecture, ‘Padma’ means lotus in Sanskrit and it is the designer’s nickname. “My aim is to create glasses that are comfortable but with something unique, with a certain fashion appeal that is right for today.” Hasui uses vintage acetate he found in a factory in Fukui for its smooth and beautiful features. The elegant handmade shapes and shiny finish are very attractive yet understated. We are watching this label for the future and we have spied some wonderful shapes that are innovative and eye-catching for the eyewear connoisseur. http://padma-image.petit.cc/ CN


Face à Face Paris

Tortoiseshell and Turquoise combine to provide a spontaneous and charismatic design – Scapa – from Face à Face Paris. Tortoiseshell is spot-on trend, and turquoise highlights the fine points of the frame shape, including the extended temple and bevelled temple tips. A diverse selection of colours is available. More details at www.faceaface-paris.com JG


Niloca Eyewear

Jofey is one of the quirky optical styles that caught our eye in the vibrant Scratched Core Collection from Niloca in Australia. Designed for “serious eyewear people”, the deep cut acetate of Jofey is for those who crave a bold eyewear statement; the effect of the asymmetric design on the face can be dramatic, confident and reassured and works for different ages and face shapes. A range of colour combinations includes the black on turquoise and black on emerald (pictured). Niloca frames are designed by husband and wife team Colin and Josie Redmond. Colin is a former industrial designer with an automotive and science background; Josie is an optician. Niloca frames are produced in traditional workshops in Australia, France and Japan, depending on the materials featured. We look forward to the latest releases by Niloca Eyewear, showing at Silmo this year.  www.niloca.com CN

Modern Art M1411

Anne & Valentin

Part of a new Modernist concept launched this year by French brand Anne & Valentin, the Modern Art frame is immediately eye-catching with its soft round inner rim and modified oval shape on the outer rim – a new take on the traditional panto. The frames in the Modernist collection all have the metal temple detail that ‘wraps’ onto the acetate front. A perfectly classic design – full of spark and good taste – that will have a lasting appeal through the seasons and years to come. www.anneetvalentin.com CN



03 Royal Blue

Finest Seven

Voluminous graphic lines shape this statement frame by Finest Seven. Designer Jesse Stevens captures retro authenticity with precise modernity in this distinctive creation. Beautiful Royal Blue superior quality acetate is accented with gold trim across the brow line that extends to the temple sides. www.finestseven.com JG


Lafont Paris

Fresh and refreshing two-tone green highlights smart styling by Lafont Paris. There is a slight vintage air to the pure, uncluttered lines of the frame, created in high quality acetate, with a discreet temple accent. We receive many requests at Eyestylist for suggestions about frames for small faces – Oletta is an excellent choice. www.lafont.com JG


Savile Row

Handmade and produced in London by Algha Works, Berwick from Savile Row has a classic shape that incorporates modern elements; a distinctive, gracefully sculpted brow treatment and acetate tips. The sunglasses are available in either rhodium or rolled gold – the latter a speciality at Savile Row. Pure, uncluttered and elegant. www.algha.com JG

Bocca Sexy

Face à Face Paris

The Bocca series designed by Pascal Jaulent at Face à Face is a favourite with Eyestylist – we love the style, the humour and the creativity. Bocca Sexy is the latest adaptation of this super shape, crafted in hounds tooth acetate. The sculptured slinky temples are lithe, and yes, sexy! In addition to the duo-tone textured design, Bocca Sexy is available in ravishing red, and black and blush. www.faceaface-paris.com JG




This latest frame from Coppe+Sid evokes a cosmopolitan air with a beautiful shape, and unites soft, spring green with classic tortoiseshell. Handmade in Italy, the acetate design has lovely curves and flow. Coppe+Sid’s signature statement – lapis lazuli – is nestled into the end tip. For more elegant frames from the new collection – visit www.coppeandsid.com JG

N. Punto 39

Mondelliani Italy

Colour is keynote at Modelliani – the Italian brand features contemporary shapes with distinct colour harmony. N. Punto 39 is a lovely springtime optical choice in acetate in fresh green tones, balanced with a tortoiseshell camouflage marbled effect. The front has a matt finish, providing a subtle contrast to the frame design. To discover more Mondelliani frames, visit www.mondelliani.it JG


Anne & Valentin

Beckett was launched in Paris in the autumn – the name gives away the inspiration and design. A unisex style with classic intellectual overtones and a spiritual twist, the design is part of ‘Les Elegantes’, a collection that shows a new stroke of inspiration for Anne & Valentin: each model has been directly inspired by frames that have gone down in history. “Our designers worked hard to recreate classic shapes into modern, updated forms, taking advantage of the latest technologies. ‘Les Elegantes’ are the culmination of this quest : gold and silver rimmed frames, sometimes married with a chocolate brown accent, others with coal black.”

The designs are more subtly shaped than their predecessors, from the round or square pair of glasses to the beveled P3. The unexpected marriage of matte and gloss effects, and two-tone temples with Calder-style hinge, create an air of intrigue. From £308.00. www.anneetvalentin.com CN


Piaf Gold


a-morir’s Creator Kerin Rose Gold has an extraordinary commitment to luxury artisanal eyewear and we always applaud her ability to set the agenda and push boundaries in handcrafted luxury designs featuring gem stones.

We are just getting to know her Pixie collection for S/S14 and the sparkling asymmetrical Piaf sets the mood – drawing inspiration from Bob Mackie costuming, New York City Vogue culture of the 80s and 90s, and outlaw motorcycle gangs, this collection, says Kerin, is a reflection of a-morir’s ideals on outlaw glamour. It also has the beautiful accomplished hand-finished detailing, gem work and attention to colour typical of Rose’s most exceptional pieces which of course are available in some of the most luxurious fashion boutiques around the world. Keep it up KRG!  CN




The internationally acclaimed Danish company specialises in creating luxury frames, and this finely crafted design is an excellent example. Buffalo horn unites with sleek titanium in a contemporary design. The gracefully sculpted horn front is balanced with smooth titanium temples. A connoisseur’s delight. www.lindberg.com JG


Conservatoire International de Lunettes, Italy

406 by the Milanese label Conservatoire International de Lunettes features a brave combination of acetate, metal and wood. They have several other shapes using this combination and their work on the frame and the finish is carefully studied and executed – in Italy. 406 is a particularly feminine, and glamorous design, with a curvaceous form in acetate with the wood inserted in the brow piece at the front so you can see the contrast in the materials from afar. I had the good fortune to meet the team behind the label on the train to Parc des Expositions from central Paris….delighted to discover their work for the first time. www.conservatoireinternationaldelunettes.com CN

Branca 200

Paulino Spectacles, Portugal

A monotone mood prevails in fashion this autumn, and in eyewear Paulino Spectacles captures the essence. Hints of cappuccino accent this stunning crystal frame with its intrepid shape. Based in Portugal, designer and founder Ramiro Paulino Pereira is dedicated to the family legacy of crafting specialised and individualistic eyewear. www.paulinospectacles.com JG

Allen 5

Lotho Paris

This exquisite colour is one of the highlights of the approaching autumn season – and it is as stunning in eyewear, as it is in clothing. Lotho is a French brand that thrives on providing beautiful frames with distinctive details. Allen 5 is aesthetically pleasing in teal acetate with its graceful angles, and is delicately piped in mocha acetate. www.lotho.fr JG