Tärnaby Northern Light

E&E Glasses – Swedish Lapland

The spectacular natural beauty of Swedish Lapland is the inspiration for E&E glasses. Designers Emilia and Erik are influenced by their homeland – its purity and spaciousness. This is reflected in eyewear with streamlined shapes in transparent colours. This season that includes Tärnaby Northern Light in country green acetate, with metal side inserts. For more information on this newcomer to the eyewear scene, visit www.eoe-glasses.com JG

Burtrask Ice

E&E glasses

From Swedish Lapland and E&E glasses comes this super hot oversized cateye that is described as a unisex piece. The chunky flat front ensures full coverage of the eyes and a nice edginess that defines the sunglass styles in this collection. Headed by Emilia Lindmark and a young energetic design team, this label names its styles after landmarks in its native Swedish homeland and is inspired by the natural colours of the local terrain and spectacular icy landscapes. There’s a new website where the frames can now be purchased directly: www.eoe-glasses.com CN

Reflex Edition


Launched at Milan Fashion Week, the much hyped Persol Reflex Edition is the latest special range from this well-known eyewear brand. The collection pays tribute to the world of photography. There are two sunglasses models and one optical frame, all inspired by vintage design analogue cameras, and reinterpreted using modern technology. The sunglasses feature Polar and Photo-Polar thin glass lenses and a list of design touches such as ultra light slim metal temples (rather than the traditional acetate you might expect) and Meflecto spring hinge system integrated as a decoration on the temples. I tried it in a store in central Milan this week to see if it worked for me, and I would have chosen the rounder shape and the lightest colour. If you are a Persol wearer and want a new look, then this is an update you might consider for Spring. From 210 euros. www.persol.com CN



Derome Brenner, France

In the heart of the picturesque Loire Valley in France, every Derome Brenner frame is fabricated in their countryside atelier, under the watchful eye of designer Xavier Derome. Eyewear and working in acetate are his passions, as are uncluttered designs that deftly combine classic and modern elements. Huggy demonstrates Derome’s supremacy in acetate – subtle tortoise colourations in a strong round shape, expertly crafted.  www.deromebrenner.com JG



Lunettes Beausoleil France

One of the current acetate styles by the French label Beausoleil which majors in classic, timeless shapes in luxury materials. This style has a nice balanced two-tone front combination – the dark top colour emphasises the brow – and fine structure, giving a lighter less intensely retro look for the face. The style has a keyhole style nose shape, another look of the season that brings a masculine elegance to the overall design. www.beausoleil.fr CN


Atelier Vingt-Deux

I first saw a few of the titanium designs from this collection in September and I hope to see how things develop in their collections in the next 12 months. Based in Antwerp the company prides itself on European production; it is part of a larger company called EyeTech Art who produce other lines including pieces of jewellery that also require work in titanium and diamond-cutting. Perfetto is a good and colourful example of the luxe styling in its bold and durable Titanium 0.5 Collection.  Stockists include Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde in Paris, and Icon the Opticians in London.  http://ateliervingtdeux.com/ CN



Epos Milano

A stark black design I saw in Paris, Peleo by EPOS is a classic, timeless frame but totally trendy right now: it offers the kind of price tag that many would hope for for a nice quality, robust frame with a simple yet strong design. The style carries tinted lenses very well too, giving it a strong wayfarer look. On the website you can test the optical frame with different lens colour choices which is a cute tool if you haven’t made up your mind which tone you like best. For more information, visit www.eposmilano.com//product/show/77/173 CN



During Hall of Frames in Zurich, I had the opportunity to see the entire Res/Rei collection, which I admire for its top-notch quality, cutting edge precision, and the beautiful acetates. Domiziano (above) is a perfect example – marbled blue acetate, with a distinguished bridge, combined with stainless steel. Designer Oliviero Zanon takes great pride in creating frames with classical traditions, plus sophisticated chic. www.resrei.com JG


Hardy Amies Signature Eyewear

A couple of British opticians have written and recommended this new eyewear line. Most of the designs are in acetate, and are bold and quite chunky in line with the vintage revival; this metal one has an interesting shape and quite a finely worked thin frame featuring an antique finish which is very trendy. Sir Edwin Hardy Amies, the founder of the label, was often described as the king of British style and was best-known for his official title as dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II; the label lives on, with a new creative director, Claire Malcolm and collections for both men and women.  This is a first optical range by the luxury fashion house, focusing on clean cut silhouettes and strong lines. To see the full range, visit www.hardyamieseyewear.com. Frames from £145.00. CN



Cutler & Gross

Bright blue captures something new for this season and I have been searching for the right tone to recommend. Here is one from the British brand Cutler & Gross! It is called deep blue and it is teamed with grey pink arms…unusual yet very neat. I like the metal nose bridge which is a trendy feature with acetate for a new look this winter. For more information on the new season styles at Cutler & Gross visit www.cutlerandgross.com CN


Paulino Spectacles

A super newcomer to eyewear that I am following carefully, Paulino Spectacles has a number of cool looking acetates (high-quality from the Italian specialists in acetate, Mazzucchelli) and I have picked out this one which demonstrates a few things of note. First, I like the combination of transparent blue with a more grainy wood-like neutral toned acetate…the horizontal two-tone front is a massive, massive trend this year (and next), but this one is done in a careful way so it seems that the colour is graduated. As they say themselves, their spectacles collection pays particular attention to the changing tones and luminosity of acetate.  It is a very delicate colour proposal and I wish that I had the right complexion for it! Paulino Spectacles are based in Portugal and you can read more about them here: http://paulinospectacles.com/paulino_en.html CN

2461 0092

JF Rey

French eyewear company JF Rey has just launched a sleek new collection that creatively unites ultra-light stainless steel and a selection of beautiful woods. The frames are very modern, with classic overtones that will appeal to men who desire a frame with character and strength, as well as style elegance. Wood inspiration from JF Rey provides all these enduring, carefully crafted elements. www.jfrey.fr  JG



Form meets function with the cutting-edge Kata M1™ technology. A magnet’s natural polarizing properties facilitate a new temple concept with patents pending worldwide. A work of technical beauty, the magnet functions as the unifying force of the frame, effortlessly working as a screwless hinge.

Kata has a long history of pushing the boundaries of technology in eyewear. Building upon its heritage of design and innovation, the M1 technology is fully functional and graceful and illustrates Kata’s guiding ideals of simplicity, innovation, responsibility and authenticity. M1.6, a classic rectangle optical shape, is crafted from handmade acetate and offered in a pleasing range of colours. www.kataeyewear.com CN


Gold & Wood

Precious wood is beautifully polished and wedded with ebony in this supremely elegant design. Gold and Wood is acknowledged for their harmoniously balanced volume and sculpture in the creation of a frame. This style features temples that are luxuriously highlighted with inserts of varying coloured woods. Elegance is measured in the finest details — achieved here with Gold and Wood’s exacting standards. More details at www.gold-and-wood.com JG


Savile Row, London, England

Produced at Algha Works in the UK, a traditional factory known for its small-scale quality production, the Harry-Potteresque model Warwick is typical of the Savile Row Collection. Focusing on old-school retro shapes, such as the classic round-eye and panto shapes as well as the rarer octagonal and petite oval, the frames are made from 18% nickel silver, around which a skin of 14Kt gold is bonded to create an incredible rolled gold finish. Described as undergoing 130 different operations, including machine and hand tooling for the final result, these are frames for connoisseurs, and much to our excitement, show that England is very much on the map again when it comes to traditional spectacle-making.  www.algha.com CN


Chartwell 02

C.W. Dixey & Son

International Royalty to British Prime Ministers have worn C.W. Dixey & Son eyewear since 1777. The Chartwell Collection (named after Winston Churchill’s country retreat in England) has recently been re-launched, including an exact replica of the frame (above) which Churchill wore, particularly when giving speeches. The dots on the temple tips were created uniquely for the great man, and enabled him to distinguish his various frames for reading, painting, even card playing. Expertly crafted in luxurious black acetate, the frame continues to be favoured by eyewear connoisseurs. Available in Paris at Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde. www.lesplusbelleslunettesdumonde.com www.cwdixeyandson.com JG

Blacktie 139

Dior Homme

An acetate and metal combination, with an eighties square design from an established line for men. The acetate is nicely contrasted against a slim metal browbar. The temples feature the Dior Homme letters in metal, understated yet visible. Colours include gun with black, black with spotted brown, palladium and black or gun and dark havana. A spectacle design that manages to pull off the stylish simplicity of the Blacktie sunglass collection, of which the grey aviators are my preferred choice. See the sunglass range at www.dior.com CN



Benner KG – Germany

This frame brings vividly to mind the warm and fluctuating tones of the Caribbean Sea, silky beaches and chanting seagulls – a pleasant thought this chilly season! Benner KG (formerly Grotesque Frame KG) has launched several new styles that uplift spirits during the winter months. I’m very fond of Goa, above, in shiny, polished acetate that features distinctive indentations on the front, with hand finishing.  Acetate in two tones is used for the temples, inside and out, for double colouration. Available in Paris at Optique des Entrepreneurs, and in London at Spex in the City, Covent Garden.  More details at www.benner-eyewear.com JG


Graz Studio

Otis is one of those iconic statement styles…designer/DJ Graz Mulcahy is making a name for himself with some interesting collaborations in Australia…including Chronicles of Never and Ellery…but he is a name in his own right, and one that promises more in terms of innovations in the frame world. Otis is a classic for men with idiosyncracies that are unique to Mulcahy…the substantial feel and flat look of the frame, the edgy shape, and serious attention to detail…this style takes a classic Malcolm X or Mad Men semi-rimless, and turns it into a uniquely fashion-forward design. CN



The Commander

Rolf Spectacles

A vintage car, designed over 50 years ago, is the inspiration for these luxuriously crafted walnut frames from Rolf Spectacles in Austria. Passionate about cars, as well as eyewear, classic automobiles are the foundation for everything the Rolf team designs. A revered, but now long gone American carmaker, Studebaker, created The Commander in 1953. At that time, The Commander was slimmer and more refined than other car designs, and the attractive silhouette made a strong impression on the creative forces at Rolf, which in turn, inspired this frame. The sculptured frame shape is as classical as the legendary car, very lightweight, and the walnut is polished to perfection. www.rolf-spectacles.com JG


Markus T

This is a German brand which turns out sleek titanium designs, that are perfectly engineered to deliver high levels of comfort…winner of the Red Dot Design award this year, the ME2 from Markus T is its latest innovation combining both titanium and a synthetic material referred to as TMi, two antiallergenic components that are very lightweight. This design is completely free from screws, and it has lots of user-friendly technical advantages such as easy-to-adjust temples. A good-looking, minimal line which also includes sunglass designs, fitted with a choice of grey or brown polarized lenses. CN




Claire Goldsmith Legacy

Quality and craftsmanship echo throughout CG Legacy – the collection of beautiful frames created by Claire Goldsmith. The young dynamo successfully resurrected the iconic Oliver Goldsmith brand, and is now pioneering her own great collection. Surtees, shown above, is one of Claire’s favourite designs, as it is named after a very dear friend. Sophisticated, delicious tones of chocolate and jade distinguish Surtees, with its elegant frame shape expressing modern vintage.  The CG Legacy collection is available at the Oliver Goldsmith boutique in Notting Hill, 15 All Saints Road, London W11. CG Legacy can also be found at Browns on South Moulton Street, London W1, and in Amsterdam at Oogappel www.oogappel.com JG Further info at www.olivergoldsmith.com


Anne et Valentin

French label Anne et Valentin have an exceptional ability when it comes to combining colours…their acetate and metal designs often include two tones or a play on transparent/solid colour contrasts. Volta is a really classic shape in acetate, turned into a more eccentric or exuberant frame through the clever use of high quality tortoise with a fresh shade of pink….bright refreshing pops of colour are on-trend and very desirable in fashion generally. This style is a very strong example of how this translates in eyewear. CN




Barton Perreira

The transparent glow of silky hunter green zyl highlights the beautiful shape of this frame by the California design duo Patty Perreira and Bill Barton.  “Luxury” is a keynote word for all Barton Perreira creations – luxury in style, material, fit and craftsmanship.  Just a hint of a cat eye shape brings extra allure to this deftly crafted design.  Other colours available include shiny black, plum and umber tortoise.  You can find a lovely selection of Barton Perreira frames at jlc opticien in Paris. www.jlcopticien.com Additional information at www.bartonperreira.com JG

Undostill 18


Part of the fully rimmed Undostill Collection designed by Lucas de Stael, this frame is made of a Swedish stainless steel sheet of just 0.5 mm wide, which is then folded and formed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. The textured temples are made of silicone and exist in three different patterns, crosses, stripes or lines. They are exchangeable which allows you to modify the appearance of your frame by yourself, a clever touch. The highly flexible memory steel allows you to fold the frame by crossing the temple and locking them together in a closed position. A very practical optical style for fans of minimalist design. Undostrial is a French technology oriented label which takes an interest in the research of materials, colours and shapes, and produces all its frames, unusually, in its Paris workshop. CN




Christian Roth

The highly influential design team of Christian Roth and Eric Domége have been creating beautiful, luxurious frames for over twenty-five years.  Their designs are a favourite with Clodagh and I. For this summer, I especially like this handmade shimmering acetate design in soft tones of blue and lilac. The fit of Christian Roth frames is perfection, as the frames gently mould to the wearer’s face.  Christian and Eric have a knack for assimilating unexpected shapes, colourations and techniques into memorable eyewear creations.  It’s no wonder that clients include high profile wearers on an international scale. JG www.christian-roth.com

Eye’DJ JO91

Eye’DC Junior Collection

The children’s collection Eye’DJ from Marseilles based Eye’DC merges uncluttered design with child-friendly materials.  Winners of a Silmo D’Or in 2009, the current collection is modern and free flowing, with sculptured shapes in stainless steel.  The colour play of the featured design between the top bar and the rim is a distinctive touch. Shape selections include oval, rectangular and round.  These frames are incredibly lightweight, yet designed to cope with playground antics. Eye’DJ can be found at Optique Vie in Roquebrune Cap Martin and more details at www.eye-dc.com JG

Reverse 1


The US label Kata has created a group of frames called Reverse…which is based on the idea of turning the hinge of a frame inside out. By exposing the connection between the titanium and acetate on an inverted hinge, an ordinary design element has been turned into something extraordinary. The Reverse concept appears for two groups of frames; a vintage inspired one, from where we highlight model Reverse 1, this minimal metal style. And a more contemporary series of frames featuring modern rectangles and a semi-rimless design with top bar. Kata Eyewear is a luxury sunglass and spectacle brand from the US, produced by a company called Legacie in the US. In Europe, Kata can be found at the following opticians: in Germany, Private Eye, e.K., Wiesbaden; in Austria, Optik Hopffer, Innsbruck (www.optik-hopffer.at) and in Herisau, Switzerland, try Wuersch Optik. …….CN