Thierry Lasry

I have known Thierry since the 1990s; he looks like a rockstar and he’s the designer of clever, cool, underground eyewear; he’s totally passionate about eyewear design as many designers in the business are…he’s always shown me his frames with such great enthusiasm that I come away impressed by the creativity, the excitement he manages to inject into his styles, and the way he manages to put his stamp on his designs…he’s certainly very popular with celebrities, and you can see why – the designs are always special or make an independent statement. Model Sexxxy is just that (with one “x”); its sister shape, model “Lively” is one that Madonna has been seen in time and again, and Sexxxy provides that lovely reminder of vintage shapes of the past, in a futuristic concept – the temples look as if they have been designed by an architect, the chunky quality of the black acetate is a wonderful camouflage (you can see why the famous faces would like it to hide behind) and yet it has an eloquent shape. CN