Hall of Frames Zurich

Fashion Eyewear in an Historical Setting

13th October 2012 Blessed with a gorgeous lake and stunning mountain views, Zurich is always a delightful destination. Adding to the pleasure of this visit is Hall of Frames Zurich, held this weekend (14th and 15th October) in the historical Papiersaal building. Th event highlights international, independent creators, including Bellinger from Denmark. Claus and Marlene (above) founders and designers at Bellinger, produce a diverse range of frames – very lightweight, in splashy colours and classics, in a variety of materials.

JFK – The New Bounce Series by Bellinger


The company now make their own acetate, and the frames can include from 2-5 different types of acetates, creatively mixed to achieve a polished, high quality product. For the newest Bounce series (above) – the inspiration is airplanes and boats – modes of transportation associated with romance and glamour, and translated into beautiful frames. For more fashion led, designer frames, the place  to be this weekend is Hall of Frames Zurich! www.hallofframes.ch www.bellinger.dk JG