Trend watch: Shades of the sea

1st April 2014 Accessories across the spectrum from shoes, to bags to sunglasses reflect fashion’s love affair with ocean hues, from pastel acquas to bright teal or deep turquoise, in blocked colour or intricately patterned or textured with delicate detail. has picked some personal highlights….

1. Adriana from the Lace Collection by Sama Eyewear, 2. Ankle boots by Eva Turner,  3. Luxury scarf design ‘Mystical Eye’ by Age Of Reason, from £210, online at 4. Acqua 2 by Face à Face , 5. Shoes by United Nude, £180, 6. Vittoria Bag by Si-V / Sivan Shraga 7. Handmade Veda sunglasses by Larke Optics in London, £295, online from CN