Trends: soft colour mix

Delicate, mixed hues continue to trend in women’s eyewear and recent releases show a distinct rebirth of airy mottled tones and colour variants with transparencies. At a time when flattering easy-to-wear styles will be widely appreciated, these fresh ultra-modern palettes offer uplifting new modes for sophisticated feminine styling. Above: Veronika Wildgruber model Rachel in ‘pastel’. Two transparencies combine in a confident minimal shape with highlighted top bar. Find more designs at

Freda by Andy Wolf

The new model Freda at Andy Wolf (Ultra Light – White Heat Collection) combines the very narrow two-tone metal frame with characteristic acetate nose bridge of this range and the matching acetate tips. The line uses custom acetates with unusual colour accents such as the Springtime-inspired design above combining yellow, pink and green.

Lukas by FLEYE – in the Signature Collection

Fleye’s beautifully considered colour palette and playful tonal contrasts explore natural hues and, in the latest models in the Signature Collection, the translucent Nordic light – captured in works by the 19th century Skagen painters. Model Lukas has an earthy texture, reminiscent of a classic tortoiseshell, with a lighter more translucent clarity. Find out more about these frames which were due to preview at the cancelled Mido fair in February at

Götti Switzerland
Hall of Frames
Model Orely by Volte Face Paris: infused with 1980s retro style and colour “The design uses an original lamination technique with a colored stripe”

In the brand new releases at Volte Face Paris this month, the spectacle styles like Orely mix exclusive colours and unexpected transparencies to showcase French craftsmanship and artisan details, with chic patterning (some designs are directly inspired by contemporary textiles) and a subtle asymmetrical twist. Find out more about this new-look line at