Erker’s 1879

An historic label with an evolving modern style

Virtual products showcase The US heritage brand Erker’s unveils its new models in the Trumpet collection, a much anticipated frame series which upholds the distinctive style and handcrafted finish of this family-owned brand, born in Saint Louis, Missouri. With its range of materials which include stainless steel and high density acetate, a wide palette of colours, and shapes that evoke a respect for tradition and craftsmanship, the technical precision of these products has been refined to maximum effect for a well-balanced and comfortable fit. Above: Model wears model Busch by Erker’s in crystal – a style which is described as “fitting like a glove”. The model combines an acetate front and stainless steel temples

Convy in the Trumpet Collection by Erker’s – in navy/gun: classic with a touch of modernism

Among the noteworthy products here for the new season is model Convy in the Trumpet collection; the style has a thin, metal, modified square shape with a bold, acetate brow line and is part of this line dedicated to a classical yet revolutionary design aesthetic inspired by Miles Davis and his extraordinary virtuosity in music. According to the Erker’s family, this completely fresh, one-of-a-kind expression has been an underlying inspiration for the company, and its “trumpet logo” defines this spirit, a reminder of the brand’s geographic location in Saint Louis, birthplace of Miles Davis and home to some of the world’s most outstanding jazz and blues, since the early 1900s.

Cedric by Erker’s in brown: beautiful colorways and distinctive features

Cedric: A larger rectangle with a key hole bridge, the Cedric frame is created is a strong material to achieve a thinner yet noticeable fit; this hand polished frame features Erkers’ traditional hallmark rivets on the temples.

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Davis by Erker’s in silver: a durable, modern stainless steel frame

Model Davis, from the Trumpet collection, with its pared-down stainless steel rim, has an interesting shape that fits a wide range of faces and is very flattering on the wearer.

Family owned Erker’s Eyewear began in 1879 and grew into a global eyewear design and manufacturing house at the forefront of innovative optical design and craftsmanship. The company describes itself as “the oldest optical company in the United States” and is still owned by descendants of founding father, A.P. Erker and brother, August. The label has recently become available in fine eyewear boutiques in Europe.

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