S. R. Gopal Rao Opticians, Bangalore, India

A boutique independent retail chain with 85 years in optics

An optician with an impressive heritage, S. R. Gopal Rao is a family business founded in 1936 and passed down through generations. Since 1982, the business, which remains in the same location on N.R.Road since it was opened in 1936, is directed by Hemanth and Uma Manay and focuses on an ever expanding range of high class and luxury eyewear collections, always presented in respect of the original philosophy of the family, with strict principles of trust and care.

“Dedication to accuracy, focus on customer needs and a holistic approach to the purchase of prescription spectacles, lenses, sunglasses and other eye-wear accessories…”

Waiting area at the famous Bangalore store: the history of S. R. Gopal Rao is outlined for visitors and clients to read

Today the stores in the chain sell a wide range of eyewear collections which include independent collections from Cutler and Gross, LINDBERG, Silhouette and Maui Jim.

“India is a large country with people from all walks of life, varied personalities and levels of exposure,” stated Hemanth Manay- CEO, S.R.Gopal Rao Opticians & Optometrists, when we asked about the desirability of independent collections in India. “Some prefer sleek, minimalist frames like LINDBERG, others choose thick, statement eyepieces like Cutler and Gross. There are many who believe in buying eyewear with a purpose and that’s where brands like Modo eyewear come in. While LINDBERG is well known in India since it has had its presence in the country for over 15 years, other brands are yet to make a mark.”

Asked about their experiences in the pandemic at the present time, the team told us that they have adapted their stores to meet safety/hygiene requirements and increased phone and online communications to ensure those who cannot visit are well served from the comfort of their home.

The S. R. Gopal Rao Opticians flagship store is located on N.R.Road. A second store is open on Jayanagar & Residency Road and a third in Jayanagar (Bangalore). Find out more: https://www.srgopalrao.co/