Lafont Paris: eco-responsible, creative design

The French company has developed new eco-responsible designs in their collections for Spring/Summer 2023 – Eyestylist met with Thomas and Matthieu in Paris

At Lafont Paris, a steadfast ‘step-by-step’ approach to the development of a genuine responsible sustainable path has involved the introduction of bio-acetate and an experimental material concept for colourful Limited Edition “upcycled” acetates.

The ‘creative upcycling’ has been explored as a completely new way to design exclusive colours, first launched by the company at Silmo in 2021 (see: “This is based on a blend of Lafont’s exclusive vintage Lafont colours”, explains Matthieu Lafont. “Developed by my brother, Thomas, this concept can also be seen as a ‘colour lab’. We use a thermo fusion process to create a mix of 50% vintage colour and 50% new bio material. This specific technique is for the moment only produced in special limited quantities.”

At Silmo 2022, Lafont Paris introduced the third series Limited Edition with model Monaco in four exclusive “upcycled colours” of red, pink, blue and yellow (pictured below, the Monaco in yellow and full set in presentation box). Above: Matthieu and Thomas Lafont – Silmo Paris 2022 – photography by Amanda Sellem, all rights reserved


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“A desire for balance: new products shown in bright colours with a creative spirit, alongside an offer with a sober and elegant identity faithful to the Lafont identity. To work on my palette of colours, I wanted to associate a word, an emotion, an expression with each colour…” Thomas Lafont on the new collection for Spring/Summer 2023

Thomas Lafont at Silmo 2022 – photography by Amanda Sellem



Eco-friendly styles: Max in the Issy & LA collection at Lafont Paris – and above, model Miss in bright pink

“Reducing our impact on the environment as a company is a very important goal,” said Matthieu Lafont at Silmo Paris. “To make it a reality, we have introduced a step-by-step approach.

Matthieu Lafont – Silmo 2022 – photo by Amanda Sellem

Considering the everyday activities of the company and the design and production of the collection, we are repurposing and recycling, and using bio-acetate or castor oil injected materials. We always consider the quality of our manufacture, efficiency in after sales and availability of spare parts for repair.” Find out more about the collections at Lafont Paris by visiting their website at