Erker’s 1879 : AP collection

A new collection from the St. Louis brand pays homage to the Erker’s family founding father

Continuing its tradition of celebrating family heritage through design, the US independent brand Erkers 1879 has created a collection in acetate, inspired by their founder, A. P. Erker and his creativity in the business he founded. The 15 new styles in the collection come in a palette of bright, fresh tones, some of which have never been used before in the collection. The hues are informed by many different types of inspiration, from the ocean and the waves, to the colours of vineyards and night skies. Trending gradient coloration, gentle tinted crystals, and expressive modern combinations ensure that the choices in the collection appeal to many different individual tastes. Above: the new frames in the AP collection have been created in celebration of a rich family history with an inspiring spectacle-making tradition, born in St. Louis

Erker’s 1879 – the acetate model Bridgeton comes in 5 unique tones such as “Vineyards” above – where several tones are combined in gradients

Hand finished and hand polished in a 48-step manufacturing process, model Bridgeton illustrates the attention to detail in colour, design and hardware in the range.  The rounded rectangular eye shape with a delicate cat eye edge offers a pretty, feminine design with thin rims and temples. The frame also boasts authentic “old-school” signature rivets and attractive minutely detailed metal parts at the hinge.

About A. P., founder of Erker’s 1879 – The company’s founder, Adolph P. Erker (A.P.) was a German immigrant who travelled to the United States in the late 1800’s, with the goal of founding his own optical company. In 1879, A.P. established The Erker’s Optical Co. in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. In the years following his founding of the company, A.P. was joined by his brother, August Erker, beginning a familial legacy which continues today. For more information and the history of the brand, visit