Essential 1240-41


This collection started with just a simple line drawn on a piece of paper. Then another. Then another. The designs grew in this way, instinctively, and creatively. The colour combinations of the acetate temples are exclusive to ProDesign. (Rather than taking the easy option and working with pre-manufactured acetate sheets.)

The monotone fronts are quite unisex to look at but the powerful colour combinations on the temples make the frames more feminine. In this series, there are two shapes, in six colours each. CN http://prodesigndenmark.com



Model 1235

Lindberg Acetanium

I’ve never worn Lindberg’s Acetanium, but I’ve always seen it as a collection that offers great comfort, along with very classy contemporary styling. If I needed to wear specs all the time I’d definitely try it out. The aim was to combine titanium and acetate in one design, using both to their greatest potential. The result is a design that is light, comfy, and hard-wearing particularly around the bridge and hinges. Model 1235 has a deep rectangular eye shape; there are overtones of the so-called “geek chic” look, but it’s subtly done…and it comes in a wide selection of timeless colours. CN


Mech-flex V3611


I like the simplicity of this model, from the Mech-Flex range by Vanni, produced by the Italian design company Nico Design. This model combines thin steel and plastic, and it comes from a range that brings together bright fun colours and clean, practical design. The style above features a special hinge, the Mech-flex, which adds flexibility and extra wearer comfort. Offered in four colourways, my favourite is the on-trend matt violet  and purple version, but you can also choose a patterned front teamed with black, a dark violet with turquoise, or brown with fuchsia. The enthusiasm for detail here sets this optical range apart. Very well done. CN



Project Ocean – London, England

Selfridges campaigns to Save our Seas

1st June 2011 An inspiring retail initiative by Selfridges is a call to action for people to recognise the danger of overfishing and pollution, and be aware of the urgent need for marine protection.  Designers Katharine Hamnett, Philip Treacy, plus The Zoological Society of London, Greenpeace, WWF and others are participating in order to address the issue of sustainability and to defend the fish in our seas.  Creative window displays, in-store entertainment, lectures, cooking demonstrations and films illustrate the fragility of global seas.  Not to be missed is the magnificent coral exhibition that usually lives in the Aquarium at The London Zoo.  These exquisite symbols of marine life are also endangered.  Selfridges has published an informative booklet to identify fish at risk, (free to consumers) which also suggests alternatives to those under threat.  Project Ocean at Selfridges is the best reason ever to “go shopping.” Until 12 June. www.selfridges.co.uk Check out www.fish2fork.com for a list of sustainability-minded restaurants. JG

Undostill 18


Part of the fully rimmed Undostill Collection designed by Lucas de Stael, this frame is made of a Swedish stainless steel sheet of just 0.5 mm wide, which is then folded and formed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. The textured temples are made of silicone and exist in three different patterns, crosses, stripes or lines. They are exchangeable which allows you to modify the appearance of your frame by yourself, a clever touch. The highly flexible memory steel allows you to fold the frame by crossing the temple and locking them together in a closed position. A very practical optical style for fans of minimalist design. Undostrial is a French technology oriented label which takes an interest in the research of materials, colours and shapes, and produces all its frames, unusually, in its Paris workshop. CN