Get Ready for London

London’s 100% Optical Fair opens its doors this coming weekend, with an extensive choice of international eyewear on display for British optical professionals. Independent labels will feature across the fair, and include luxury and artisan collections that have become leaders in their field of expertise.

Gotti’s success in the UK is built on a reputation for Swiss design married with Japanese production excellence. Their selection of frames now encompasses horn, acetate, titanium, a state-of-the-art 3d printed range – showing for the first time in London, and brand new screwless rimless eyewear. For more details:

Photo above: fashion blogger Oliver Lips wears the eye-catching model Ellis by Gotti Switzerland.

Monastir by L.G.R

100% Optical offers a special opportunity to see the latest luxury frames by Italian designer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. L.G.R’s dedication to old-school artisan techniques is highlighted in optical frames and sunglasses such as the eloquent Monastir, a supremely lightweight frame with round eye shape and textured metal nose bridge. The metal work is extremely accomplished and unique.

Burkhart by SALT. Optics

Returning to 100% this month, Salt. Optics, from California brings a wide selection of new designs to the fair, including model Burkhart (pictured in matte mauve mist) fitted with Polarized CR39 lenses. The Burkhart’s 80’s inspired silhouette adds a new aesthetic of simplicity in functional styling with very narrow beta-titanium temples combined with the brand’s super smart acetate in natural colorations – comfort and style wrapped up in one statement piece.

Akira by Vera Wang / Kenmark

Akira from Vera Wang is one of the luxe styles in the elegant collection produced by Kenmark Optical, exhibiting for the first time at 100% Optical. US company Kenmark also produce collections with Zac Posen and Original Penguin, and show an impressive design direction as well as impeccable focus on minute design details.

The pairing of acetate with metal in model Akira has a gentle subtly. Swarovski crystals are inlaid at the top and bottom of the temple for a touch of sparkle. Colours available include noir, black cherry tortoise and walnut tortoise. For more information: / 10o% Optical takes place at ExCel from 4th to 6th February 2017 in London. More information: CN

Aneka by Fleye

Aneka by FLEYE is ready to embrace sunny days with its charming cat-eye silhouette. The sunglasses are crafted in high-density acetate in elegant colours, with beautiful detailing from frame front to end tips. Aneka is available with either semi-mirrored or gradient lenses. FLEYE is presenting their optical and sunglass collections this weekend at OPTI-Munich Hall C1 Booth 437. JG

OPTI-Munich keynote: Eyewear variations

Variety’s the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavour William Cowper

The English poet chronicled 18th Century daily life in the countryside, with all its magnificent diversifications. Three centuries later, variety is the mainstream of living and culture. Eyewear enthusiasts can partake in a medley of amazing optic alternatives this weekend (28-30 January) at OPTI-Munich. International designers and labels will present their latest collections in optical designs and sunglasses. Featured here is a selection of the imaginative and inspiring eyewear that will be on display. Monoqool  from Denmark (Koncert above) will debut their new SLIDER series with 3D printing.

Lovingly handcrafted designs by Christian Mascré for Vue dc feature sleek silhouettes in acetate.

Artist Beni Bischof wear AMOS from Götti DIMENSION

Götti Dimension highlights superbly elegant 3D printed frames, and sporty models with the patented “spin & stow” temples.

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars by Susanne Klemm

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars in the colour Pipe is a new men’s design that radiates luxurious detailing and finish.

Shasta by l.a. Eyeworks

Shasta shines with vivacious shaping and dynamic colourations in an optical design by l.a. Eyeworks.

Eva from TARIAN + Collection

Jérémy Tarian presents his collaborative design in association with his workshop at HEAD Géneve (Geneva University of Art and Design Switzerland). Eva Gaumé’s winning design is now part of the Tarian + Collection.

Lillum from the KOALI Collection Morel France

Nature’s beauty and bounty inspired the streamlined designs in the Koali collection by Morel France.

Cinque from Soupcan Acetate Collection by TAVAT

The new collection by Tavat – “Soupcan Acetate” – includes supremely light designs with striking colourations.

Come explore these innovative brands – both established and new – and discover and experience the many exciting aspects of eyewear at OPTI-Munich this weekend. JG

Silvana Stefanovic-Riley @embellish_or_perish

Silvana Stefanovic-Riley @embellish_or_perish talks to Eyestylist about glasses, Advanced Style, and a lifelong passion for fashion…

“I started wearing eyeglasses to correct short-sightedness in high school,” says Silvana when we start to look into her first experiences of eyewear. “In those days I saw this as an impediment and I only wore glasses when I absolutely had to.” It’s a common reaction, yet, after a while, like many, she found a new direction in her glasses.

“Over time I relaxed into wearing my prescription sunglasses and started to appreciate them as an accessory that can enhance the look rather than detract from it. As for sunglasses, having lived in Australia for over 40 years, this harsh sunlight requires good sun protection for eyes.”

Photo credit (above): Lauren Farley of @doculifephotography

Photo credit: Lauren Farley of @doculifephotography
Photo credit: Lauren Farley of @doculifephotography

Explaining her favourite styles, Silvana is inspired by design and individuality: “I love colour and accessories. This makes it easy to find glasses to suit each outfit, mood and occasion. Each year, I buy two pairs of prescription glasses or sunglasses to add to my collection. I have recently purchased this year’s glasses. I have sent one of these frames to Brazil to be hand painted by the talented Erida Schaefer of La Frida Eyewear.”

Sunglasses in particular provide an opportunity for some fun and self-expression. With a sizable collection Silvana says she is always on the lookout for new and different sunglasses to add to the stash. “On occasion. sunnies also provide a much needed confidence boost by covering up the effects of the odd sleepless night. I often take selfies in the same outfit but change the sunglasses and the difference that sunglasses make to the overall aesthetic is incredible, she says.

LaFrida handpainted Eyewear by Erida Schaefer - Brazil
LaFrida handpainted Eyewear by Erida Schaefer – Brazil

Advanced Style
“I had followed Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style Blog and IG for a number of years as a ‘passive’ observer,” explains Silvana when we ask about her pictures in Advanced Style.  “I do not recall how I initially came across Advanced Style in the first place, however there was a recurring theme of older women using personal style as a form of self-expression. These women radiate vitality, zest for life and creativity that defies the societal expectations of older people. Older people in general, and especially older women with grey hair, are not seen as being at the forefront of social change. Yet the Advanced Style movement initiated by Ari Seth Cohen is now a worldwide phenomenon.”

Through Ari’s Blog and Instagram, Silvana got to ‘know’ many other Advanced Stylistas, and learnt what gives them the life’s energy to continue to be active, creative and self-expressive older women. “I always thought that I would eventually become somehow involved with the spirit of this sentiment”, she explained. “However full-time work and other family commitments alway took precedent. Despite this, my interest in the Advanced style phenomenon continued. I admired the first Advanced Style Book, then the Documentary movie and eventually the second book – Advanced Style Older and Wiser.” Continue reading “Silvana Stefanovic-Riley @embellish_or_perish”

Instant refresh: VON-IKKE accessories

Handmade eyewear chains add an extra enhancement to specialist frames, and new labels are popping up with innovative ideas balancing practicality and eye-catching design. VON-IKKE eyewear cords are handmade in Mainz, Germany by Elisa Biscotti and Mario von Wantoch-Rekowski. Discreet quality details such as nickel-free eyelets and loops coordinate with the colours of the cords, and all the designs are made in Germany in their entirety.

VON-IKKE chain, Germany
VON-IKKE chain, Germany

Colours include bold brights such as orange, violet or coral, and multicoloured versions of which our favourites are the two-tone blue with multicoloured patterning entwined in the cord.

Hangar by VON-IKKE

Having caught on quickly with opticians in Germany in the year since they created the start-up, the label is also producing a new Hangar necklace, which acts both as a frame chain and elegant piece of wearable art. Stockists include Vogel Optik in St Moritz ( and Coblens Augenoptik ( and For more information about VON-IKKE chains and their unique Hangar necklace, visit CN  – Photography by Elisa

Eyewear Explorations at 100% Optical London

Eyewear fashion and flair await visitors at 100% Optical on February 4-6 at Excel in London. The spacious venue is an ideal setting for premier eyewear brands to showcase their latest collections. The impressive line up of quality, visionary-thinking eyewear companies includes Götti Switzerland who will present their Ultrasmart and Minimalist concept. The new campaign was photographed in the National Museum Zurich, an architectural landmark built in 1889. The designs are worn by five different protagonists who love entities that are simple – yet beautiful. The frames designed by Sven Götti express an eyewear landmark as well; with designs that are beautifully constructed; extremely lightweight, plus they exude aesthetic value and technical perfection. Julie Richoz, porcelain and glass designer, wears ADAN (above) elegantly streamlined in pure Titanium.

George by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone L.G.R

The iconic round frame enjoys a chic revival, and Luca Gnecchi Ruscone creates a modern interpretation with George – the ultimate round frame. L.G.R designs are entirely handcrafted by artisans in Italy. George is sleekly silhouetted in cellulose acetate, and available in black matt with grey lenses (above), and three different shades of Havana Tortoiseshell. Explore more superb L.G.R eyewear creations at

Carey by Kirk & Kirk

Beautiful colourations are a hallmark of Kirk and Kirk designs from England. The acrylic frames – totally handmade in France – are radiantly luminous, and include Carey (above) shown in Emerald. With a strong signature shape, Carey is also available in gorgeous tones of Ocean, Aqua, Coral and Sunset, among others. Discover more about Jason and Karen Kirk’s unique designs and fabulous colours at

Doran by Blackfin

Blackfin has launched a beautiful new frame for women – Doran – with clean-cut square lines. The ample contour features a subtle cat-eye, and Blackfin’s patented Swordfish temple tips. A three-dimensional finish brings additional flourish to the design. Excellence is assured with the frames crafted in Italy by master craftsmen,  seasoned with passion and an enriched heritage. JG

Lafont Boutique rue Vignon Paris

Over ninety years ago, a chic little optical boutique opened in the Madeleine area of Paris. The distinctive location on rue Vignon is close to the famed Madeleine Church, and a short stroll from Concorde. If boutiques could talk, what a fascinating tale the Lafont shop could reveal! The building was constructed in the early 19th Century, and has survived global depression, a World War, and numerous changes in selling eyewear. The boutique strides confidently towards its centenary, rich in history – complimented and enhanced by modern times and trends.

Cosy, calm, and elegant atmosphere at rue Vignon Lafont Boutique

Louis Lafont opened the boutique in 1923, and a guided tour by Matthieu Lafont – the third generation to be working in the business – provided a fascinating insight into the family legacy. Frames from the archives are on display in custom-crafted cabinets, so the shop is a delightful mixture of Lafont history, and the current collections.

Tools of the eyewear trade at L’Atelier Lafont

In this cosy, elegant atmosphere, clients are able to choose from the vast range of Lafont frames – optical and sunglasses – for men, women and children. In addition, Lafont has opened their first Atelier, tucked behind this architectural gem. The original stalls where horses were once kept provide further flashback into the rich Lafont heritage. In the Atelier, clients can creat a pair of one-of-a-kind frames with numerous possibilities for shapes, colours and materials. Certain materials are exclusive to L’Atelier Lafont, including buffalo horn. Pedigree, experience, and artisan craftsmanship are expressions of refinement and authentic luxury available at the L’Atelier Lafont.

History and contemporary trends unite at Lafont Boutique on rue Vignon Paris Vingnon

If a visit to Paris is on your agenda, a positive and rewarding experience is definitely a visit to the Lafont Boutique and L’Atelier Lafont — 11 rue Vignon 75008 JG

Halo by Orgreen Optics

Halo (above) refers to a glowing light effect produced by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, often found in ancient art iconography. You might find a hint of it in these streamlined unisex frames by Orgreen. The panto shape features a flat nose bridge, and lovely, subtle monochromatic colours that highlight Orgreen’s latest collection. Shown in Matt Burgundy Red – Halo is also available in tones of Matt Lavender and Matt Chocolate, plus stunning duo-colour combinations. See more of Orgreen’s latest styles at JG

Show season: Copenhagen Specs

The optical fairs are about to get underway, and Eyestylist looks forward to exploring some of the leading European events highlighting independent brands and expertise in artisan collections. Denmark’s Copenhagen Specs, on 4th/5th March 2017, will take place at Lokomotivvaerkstedet just outside the city centre in a warm, welcoming venue with a relaxed atmosphere. A growing number of independent labels from across Europe attend including Danish brands LINDBERG, Falvin, Orgreen Optics, Fleye and Monoqool as well as specialists from further afield. Newcomers this year include Plein Les Mirettes (France), Kaleos (Barcelona) and Yuniku 3D tailored eyewear, by HOYA – produced in collaboration with Materialise and Hoet Design Studio. (

Monoqool Denmark: 3d printing
Returning to the fair: Monoqool Denmark, experts in 3d printing

Copenhagen Specs’ Founder/CEO Morten Gammelmark says: “We have expanded the exhibiting area a little so we can show more brands to our visitors. Look forward to a fantastic selection of established and emerging names.”

SUPER model Esther from the Tuttolente range

Newcomers at the Copenhagen event include Retrosuperfuture, the Italian label and their exotic new model Esther, characterised by an oversized round frame with an all-lens construction.


Lucas de Stael - model Nemus
Lucas de Stael – model Nemus

Returning to the show are some notable European artisan collections: Lucas de Stael ( handcrafted products combining stainless steel with wood, leather and stone, and young sustainable designer brand from Norway, Karmoie, by Kirsten and Lars Iversen who specialise in minimally styled acetate classics. (

Karmoie: model Star in "herb"
Karmoie: model Star in “herb”

For the first time, Copenhagen Specs have created a guided sightseeing tour for visitors to the fair offering a mix of exclusive visits to leading optical shops and cultural sights in the Danish capital. More information about theCopenhagen Specs 2017 (trade visitors only) and brands attending is available at CN

Sights set on Munich

Fairground Messe München 28th-30th January is the destination for OPTI-Munich ( where global eyewear brands will be showing their latest collections. Optical and sunglass designs with immense variety, stylish flair and quality craftsmanship ensure an adventurous and fulfilling event for attendees.

Among the acclaimed labels participating is SALT. Optics with their stunning new frames that include Anela (above). The pure, minimalistic lines of the frame blend slim acetate with ultra light beta titanium, in a feminine, fluid silhouette. Ocean inspiration provides the gorgeous colour.

Azalea by Res/Rei
Azalea by Res/Rei

Azalea by Oliviero Zanon is from The Flowers collection, elegantly connected to Nature. The subtle retro shape is accented with vintage acetate trims in various colours. Featured above is Azalea in red with marbled accents, and pink with black and white trim. Discover more at

Elson by FLEYE
Elson by FLEYE

Danish brand FLEYE will unveil their latest cutting edge sunglasses in Munich. Elson (above) takes centre stage with its architectural form and sharp-edged nose bridge. The distinctive design is crafted in beta-titainium – shown in sleek semi-matt gold.

Sunbeam by Orgreen
Sunbeam by Orgreen

A subtle, lithe butterfly shape gracefully spreads its wings at the first ray of light in Sunbeam by Orgreen. The contemporary shape is sophisticated and feminine, with flattering wide-open lenses – ready to flutter! Explore more beautiful Orgreen designs at

Tracks 0065 by JF Rey
Tracks 0065 by JF Rey

JF Rey celebrates thirty years of the designer brand with a reinterpretation of a frame from the 1980’s. Tracks 0065 is a unisex design characterised by its original shape, vintage style and unbridled spirit of the period. The unique frame is worked with striking modernity in new materials, modern technologies, plus chic flat lenses. Tracks – impeccably stylish! JG

Tiffany by SALT. Optics

David Rose at SALT. Optics launches 2017 with a tantalising collection of refined, superbly crafted eyewear. Nature’s magnificent colourations prevail on timeless shapes for men and women. Tiffany unites tortoiseshell with a fresh spring green. Quality acetate – slim and sleek – assures a design with pure, uncluttered lines. JG

Ski in style

Exhilaration! Freedom! Mountain magic! The ski season is a delightful moment to embrace the great outdoors, and enjoy the pleasure of winter sports – from skiing to snowboarding. For comfort and safety, select snow goggles that provide high quality eye protection – as well as super style.

Y6 by Bollé
Y6 by Bollé

Choices abound with dashing goggle designs that perform brilliantly in a variety of conditions. Bollé has a winner with Y6 (action shot top; close up above) that features photochromic Modulator lenses. For prescription glass wearers, Bollé has a special adaptor insert for their range of goggles.

Götti Snow Goggle
Götti Snow Goggle

Glow in the snow with Götti Switzerland’s colourful goggle. Characteristics of the sleek goggles include an anti-fog system, superb ventilation, plus they are light, durable and comfortable. Crafted from polycarbonate, the goggles feature mirrored lenses in great colours – orange flash (above) and blue flash with a black band.

Tamok by Orgreen
Tamok by Orgreen

Orgreen’s Tamok goggles – named after Norway’s Tamok Valley, an adventure lover’s paradise near the Artic Circle – fuse functionality with minimalism. Technical advantages include construction in Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and lenses with 100% UV protection. Chic for après-ski too! www.orgreen

Progressor S in Yellow by adidas
Progressor S in Yellow by adidas

adidas Sport Eyewear have released new ski goggles with cutting edge design, and top notch technology. Progressor S is equipped with a larger spherical double-lens that offers enhanced peripheral vision. Fabulous colours too, that include yellow (above), plus Progressor Blue and Pink, and Backland Silver. More info at JG

Sigmund by neubau eyewear

A tribute to one of the most influential thinkers of the western world, Sigmund by neubau eyewear is a new interpretation of the classical round shape, currently enjoying a significant revival. Inspired by the iconic glasses worn by Sigmund Freud, this version by the young Austrian brand takes a high-tech approach, using a polymer that is super flexible and lightweight. The overall effect is modern and focused on comfort, with temples that are adjustable. The choice of fresh contemporary colours brings a strong character to the design. Bright evergreen (trendsetting this season), sweet honey and clear crystal are among the choices for those seeking a bold new eyewear update for 2017. CN