February 2021

Men’s glasses: statement design at l.a. eyeworks

In the final highlight in our close-up study of some of the most unique and classy specs for men we found some bold styles at l.a. eyeworks

A substantial frame, one that is worn to get noticed, is a fitting style focus for the last post in our menswear series this month. Nerd fashion? Geek chic? We prefer to call the thicker rimmed frames a statement of individuality and personality, a defining accessory with bold nuances of colour and design. Gone are the days of the big black so-called Clark Kent specs being the only option here as a more colourful approach and desire for variety in shape changes the perspective – let’s hope for ever more!

As bigger and bolder becomes a mantra for 2021 in eyewear, three new styles at l.a. eyeworks caught our attention for men. These styles are hand-finished, with “tailored” edges, smart distinctive shapes and a completely different colour palette from any other.  Above: Kola by l.a. eyeworks in colour Rock Pool – the shape is classical and the edges are refined – the Rock Pool coloration is a twist on a tortoise pattern, distinctive in its multi-colored pattern which features an uplifting mix of tones in blue and brown

Trout by l.a. eyeworks: the way to wear a keyhole bridge

Similarly, model Trout presents a strong thick-rimmed traditional shape with the keyhole bridge detail. The fun comes in the colour palette, which offers tones such as ‘Blue Jay’, an impressive striated pattern in elegant blues which turns the look from classic to elegantly adventurous, or quite different tones like ‘Dirty Martini’, an ever so popular light crystal that seems to be consistently popular as we head into Spring.

Frankly by l.a. eyeworks – the matt black is definitely bold, the shape is cool and modern

For those who simply must have a statement in black, our tip is to choose an intriguing matt or shiny finish which gives the look a modern edge. A style like Frankly is made from a sturdy titanium material from Japan and offers different finishes and colours of black, BIC blue and shiny silver, all stylistically intense and in true l.a. eyeworks style, totally exciting to wear! To see more of the latest frames in this new collection by the Los Angeles label, visit www.laeyeworks.com

Gilna Opticians, Clontarf, Dublin

Located in a North Dublin suburb by the sea, newly opened Gilna Opticians is modern, stylish and on-trend

Every aspect of the store from bottom to top is modern, clean and trendy. Features include the herringbone flooring, a large banana leaf plant in the waiting area, exposed brick walls boasting a selection of stunningly displayed frames and a ‘centrepiece’ of glass display boxes running from the front to the back of the room. High class brands such as DITA, Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford are just a few of the featured collections that had an initial impact on our overall reception of the space.

Sunglass wall with exposed brick at GILNA Opticians

An impressive, unique characteristic of this store – and of the GILNA group – is hidden in its origins. The first GILNA store was opened up by John F. Gilna in The Liberties; an area of Dublin that is widely regarded as the true root of the city, in 1951 on Thomas Street. Kevin Prendergast – the current owner of GILNA Opticians – told Eyestylist that staff from the nearby Guinness Brewery, as well as tradespeople from the surrounding area were amongst the many Dubliners to frequent the opticians back then. Kevin and his business partner Terence Scully took over the business in 2004 and their branch in The Liberties continues to welcome, as they put it, “a wonderful array of loyal, local and diverse clientele” to date. The pair followed with the opening of another GILNA Opticians in the IFSC and could not wait to get their hands on the unit on Vernon Avenue, Clontarf once it became available. After a visit to the store and in seeing what they have done with the place first hand, it is clear to see why.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
Details are a focus at this new contemporary eyewear store

Kevin outlined his intentions for the Clontarf store as “something that looked like it had always been there”. This underlined another unique aspect of this boutique’s design – its heritage. Across the store you can find original features of the building: exposed brickwork dating back to 1902, original patterns of brick that were once window arches and door frames as well as portraits of John F. Gilna and of The Liberties – dating back to the founding of the GILNA group in 1951 as mentioned. These splashes of authenticity combined with the stores immaculate interior design, the showcasing of the beautiful frames – lit up and displayed as though they were pieces of art in a museum – are some of the features that make GILNA a must visit boutique for any eyewear connoisseur, or history fanatic alike. For more information visit www.gilnaopticians.ie – GILNA Opticians, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin

By Victoria G. L. Brunton

Menswear: TVR Series 1 in vintage acetate

Japanese Limited Edition – VINTAGE 1993 in rare 8mm acetate

If it’s rare and handcrafted you yearn for, the Japanese handcrafted label TVR has dipped into a prized archive of vintage acetate for the creation of a Limited Edition acetate design series – launched this month. The vintage 1993 8mm acetate material, available in two colour variations, was considered highly desirable in the past, and dates back to first production of Japanese Zylonite in the 1950s. Discovered by one of TVR®’s master craftsmen, the very limited quantity available has meant that just 99 frames will be produced for each colour – Vintage Black + Clear and Vintage Brown + Clear.

Above: the models in the series are distinguished by  flat fronts without rivets for a clean and minimal look and wide ‘library’ temples tapering to flared tips. A special polishing process highlights the handmade quality.

Götti Switzerland
Hall of Frames
TVR – Series 1 Limited Edition models in Vintage Black Clear & Vintage Brown Clear

The distinctive models for men have an elegant two-tone front with the look of a browline design achieved via a colour-blocked finish. The design fuses a shape based around a classical French vintage design with an overarching “Crown Panto archetype”, and Japanese handcrafting and traditional spectacle-making precision. Given the rarity of the material, the spectacles are marked with a serial number from 01/99 to 99/99, complementing the intricate Japanese engraving of ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ on the golden core of the design.

TVR® SERIES 1 Vintage 1993 Collection is inspired by the colours of the Tōjinbō Cliffs on the Sea of Japan, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Each colour composition is curated based on experience and expertise for special and unique appeal. For more information : www.tvropt.com

Recycled plano lenses for design: Lens Light Heads

London designer Yair Neuman creates lights for interiors marketplace HARTH

Following a lockdown design project with Cubitts of London, making lights with repurposed optical lenses, Yair Neuman has gone on to create a new line of pendant lights called Lens Light Heads, available to purchase at design site HARTH.

Handmade from upcycled spectacle lenses, Neuman has created sculptural pendant lights in a limited special edition. The exclusive designs use contemporary 3D design with an acute understanding of the circular economy, and a donation to the Climate Coalition will be made with every light purchased.

OGI Eyewear
Yair Neuman’s Lens Light Collection at HARTH: (£485) which includes a 5% donation to the Climate coalition charity

The Lens Light Heads are an ideal pendant feature light for the home or store interior. The spherical structures are delicate and elegant, surrounded by a halo of the petal-like lenses. Two halves are fixed with brass rivets. Each piece is easy to install with a simple cable and hook system, to allows for maximum flexibility. The overall effect is of an organic form, a little like a flower head. The Lens Light Heads emit a glow when switched on, but also gleam with iridescence when unlit, due to the unique material that Neuman has devised.

From his extensive work in eyewear design, Neuman has seen first-hand the hidden waste in the business and the Lens Light collection is a direct response, showing firstly that the waste exists, and secondly how the material can be turned into something aesthetically beautiful and useful – for years to come. Neuman developed the waste plano lenses into a sheet material after extensive experimentation. The result is a material that is strong, attractive, and that clearly communicates the story of the potential reuse of this type of waste. Find out more at https://harth.space/ (@harth_space) to purchase the products  / Visit www.yairneuman.com for more on the designer. Written by Clodagh Norton for Eyestylist.com

Menswear: sustainable progress in eyewear

Substance by Rolf Spectacles, Austria

A wave of new eyewear collections featuring sustainable materials are arriving for 2021 in line with a huge movement for change and effort towards sustainability in fashion and design. Among the highlights in independent eyewear, the Austrian label Rolf Spectacles has released a plant-based collection of sunglasses designed with their artisan principles, expertise and handmade focus – and 3D printing.

Their material is derived from plants grown in tropical climates without any kind of genetic engineering.  “This remarkable plant grows six metres in just four months, and it comes back every year,” explains company founder and visionary Roland Wolf. “This makes the new material more sustainable and kinder to the environment than ever–and the perfect foundation upon which to build a new collection of glasses to meet the current demand for more climate-considerate products.”

Already an award-winning concept with an IDA Design Award 2021 and a Focus Open Award (end of last year), this new line features over 23 timeless, unisex shapes which are comfortable and light to wear, as well as colourful (there are six basic colours) and technically robust. Attentive to every detail, the 3D printed frames feature ROLF’s screwless Flexlock hinge, an ideal high-tech component which ensures a flexible fit on the face. Above: a very practical eco-friendly contemporary men’s sunglass style: ROLF model Fako in Black Grey – offering 100% UV protection – available online at 330 euros.

ROLF substance mount sun collection – available online

To make Substance more widely available during the pandemic, ROLF has launched a few limited edition “Substance Mount” styles for exclusive purchase online. Find the modified ‘D frame’ shape model Fako at https://online.rolf-spectacles.com/collections/substance-mount/products/fako-blackgrey)

About Rolf SpectaclesGlasses manufacturer ROLF was founded in 2009 in the heart of Austria’s Tyrolean Alps. The family company first became known for its unique wooden glasses; it is now offering a wide of range of innovative materials including designs in titanium, stone, buffalo horn and now plant-based materials – all without using any screws, thereby eliminating the need for any maintenance. Founder and visionary Roland Wolf has already surprised the international eyewear market with several innovations related to his core product, starting with materials and moving on to production technology and design. The eyewear designer’s approach is to combine his love of nature with timeless styles and innovative technology, the success of which is evidenced by numerous awards, including the Silmo d’Or, the German Design Award, the Green Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the Muse Design Award. Despite the international acclaim and awards, the creative company continues to manufacture in the homeland of the brand, by hand, and using natural resources, remaining faithful to the guiding principle of the business: creating products that respect yesterday, work for today, and prepare for tomorrow. Find out more at www.rolf-spectacles.com

Kechi ‘The Eccentric Dandy’

Stylist, blogger and colourful fashion week street style setter, Kechi “The Eccentric Dandy” has a unique point of view on all things fashion. His eclectic style and bold dressing is exciting and rule-breaking and infectious to all. Having met at Paris Fashion Week in 2019, Victoria Brunton reconnected with him online in this interview for our menswear series on accessories and style.

Has your way of dressing always been received positively outside of our industry and have you always had such a strong confidence in your style, as you portray? I don’t think anyone is confident immediately; for me personally, it was a process of growing my confidence. I grew up in a small mid-western college town where much of dressing was about being ‘cool’, which ultimately served a culture of conformity. It wasn’t until the last couple of years leading to my jump to New York that I really began to play with my style. Cultivating my personal aesthetic took work— and lots of it – and while it was fun to do, dressing differently wasn’t always easy; one often encounters resistance when fighting against the grain, and that’s okay. More importantly the benefits to dressing, and in doing so being true to yourself and having others respond well to that, far overrides any criticism. To put it simply; if someone has something negative to say about me, or about how I dress that’s a reflection on them – not me.  Above: photo by @scander9

Paris Fashion Week (2019)

What do you look for when selecting a frame? Perhaps you could tell us about your favorite pair of glasses in your collection… I adore eyewear because it is such an easy way to transform your look! As far as choosing frames; I look for how they suit my face and their overall suitability. I really enjoy different kinds of lens tints because there is so much choice; two-tone, a rose tint, a full black out lens or a nice hunter yellow — the options are endless! Different styles of frame definitely speak to different eras and moods; right now, my favorite frame is a pair of brown-tinted Tom Ford aviators – they go with everything. I do love my extremes in eyewear, but nothing beats a good classic pair of shades you can grab on your way out of the door.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear

When planning an outfit, what role do accessories play for you? Accessories aren’t any more or any less important than any other piece of clothing I wear; you can have great accessories and still be poorly dressed, in my opinion. So, having that balance between all of your pieces is essential. Sometimes your clothes are doing the talking while your accessories take the back seat – and vice versa, and if you really wanna party, everything; your clothes, accessories and hair are all talking at once – AKA me at every fashion week.

“For the love of prints” – photo by @rvrdwn

Is there a growing demand for more choice in the male accessories market? Do you often find yourself having to seek out an accessory categorized as “woman’s”, simply because it is not provided for in “men’s”? Looking at guys on the street there is certainly a growing demand for men’s and gender non-specific accessories. The fact that men are finding new ways to wear old accessories speaks to this; a recent example being men wearing fanny packs slung around the torso as a pseudo-purse VS the traditional way of wearing it around the waist. This has expanded to the more daring men wearing actual handbags and purses that are generally geared towards women. I remember seeing one of the members of the rap trio Migos rocking a Goyard purse; the hyper-masculinity generally associated with rap music and culture combined with the feminine connotations of a designer purse made this really stand out to me. Times are changing, in recent seasons some big brands are responding to this need; Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi are offering styles of accessories that are much more gender neutral in their utility and how they’re marketed. This can be seen further when you are really, as the kids say – ‘in your bag’ (pun intended) – the designated gender for that particular item shouldn’t matter; it’s just fabric at the end of the day, and if it speaks to you, it speaks to you. As they say; ‘if the shoe fits, wear it’ – I find this to be particularly true for all accessories; bags, eyewear— you name it. (more…)

Menswear Exclusive: RIGARDS giveaway at Lucentement

Menswear highlight: eyewear from salvaged wood – Le Wood GIVEAWAY launched by Lucentement

Avantgarde designers Rigards and creative fashion platform Lucentement have joined forces in a celebration of the platform’s 100,000 followers on Instagram: with a gift of a pair of Le Wood sunglasses.

One of Rigards’ most exciting recent works, created in collaboration with Uma Wang, the Limited Edition frame is noteworthy not just for its customized elements (vintage grey rims and light mirrored lens), but also for the extraordinary crafting of the frame: the wood is coated in gossamer-thin bamboo paper, and hand-painted using a traditional application of lacquer, with careful drying, sanding, and smoothing between each layer, until the final matte top layer is applied to produce lacquer with less shine, delivering a unique rendition of the time-honored art form. The frame is created in salvaged wood – paired simply and harmoniously with ultralight aluminum-magnesium — giving the natural material a second life in a frame that represents a piece of wearable ‘eyewear’ art.

Le Wood sunglasses by Rigards x Uma Wang

Named “Le Wood”, this iconic collaborative style between Rigards and Uma Wang was designed to tie in with a reflection on dual themes: the powerful mountain scapes of the Andes, and the timeless elegance of Bauhaus ingenuity. Embracing a deceptively unfussy shape, the frame juxtaposes two nature-derived materials of opposite properties and two different worlds of traditions, skills, and associations, culminating in a singularly potent aesthetic.


For a chance to win this beautiful and iconic frame by RIGARDS x Uma Wang, we invite you to visit the Instagram page @lucentement + website: www.lucentement.com

About Lucentement – Lucentement was founded in 2013 by brothers Oscar and Ralph. The brothers started Lucentement to help Avant-Garde designers get more exposure via social media channels. Lucentement strives to become the most trusted and disruptive storytelling online platform within the avant-garde Niche. With the necessity to protect and at the same time credit this niche for its incredible influence on the fashion industry, Lucentement vision is to express avant-garde fashion and designers online in the most righteous way possible.

About RigardsRigards leads the way in avant-garde frame design, producing designs in unusual natural materials and exquisite metal combinations and influenced by incredible textures and patterns of the natural world. Founder Ti Kwa has established a new aesthetic style for handcrafted eyewear which is sought after by global connoisseurs of design and leaders in the field of avant-garde fashion and eyewear worldwide.

Men’s glasses: Haffmans & Neumeister, ULX Collection

A “most wanted” effortless shape in Spring 21 – quintessentially 1970s

Young label Haffmans & Neumeister have risen quickly in the world of glasses design. The frames like Harrington, in stainless steel sheet, are pure, minimal and effortless – technically focused, with the smallest components and “reduced” hinge design concepts, in narrow and delicate constructions. Built on timeless classics and well-known spectacle shapes of the past, in this case a 1970s square, with an architectural expertise, the glasses are nonetheless as much a reflection of contemporary style with functionality and the kind of comfort and performance that works for every day.

Hall of Frames
Götti Switzerland
Described as “a straight shoot all the way” – Haffmans & Neumeister model Harrington in the ULX collection – pictured in champagne – a material thickness of 0.7mm is impressive

About the brand: Haffmans & Neumeister is a Berlin based brand creating frames characterised by innovative technical solutions, aesthetic and timeless design and high-quality materials. Concentrating on the essentials of design, the glasses are practical, accessible and ageless. The brand was founded in 2016 by Daniel Haffmans, brother Philipp Haffmans and Jean-Pierre Neumeister. Find out more at www.haffmansneumeister.com/about-eyewear-handmade-in-berlin

Men’s glasses – Capote Eyewear

One to watch: a sophisticated style at Capote, inspired by the power and magic of  Ibiza, finely tuned with specialist manufacture

One of the highlighted brands in our TREND bulletin on Menswear directions this month, Capote offers mystery, attitude and distinctive, handcrafted design traits – inspired by its Balearic roots and the wild and diverse character of the island of Ibiza. Designed by Venezuelan born Alex Capote, the spirit of the collection today derives from ‘the karma life philosophy’, a notion of simplicity and minimalist attitude, authenticity of design and artisanal creativity.  The frames have evolved since the brand was first conceived in  2013, introducing fine materials such as titanium, beta titanium, Mazzucchelli acetate and aluminium, Italian or Japanese production and a more refined and curated style in the construction. Above: Capote / Cymatics frame 639Hz

Black on black frame and lens and a hint of a 1990s influence: Capote / Cymatics frame 741Hz – Photography: alexcaballerofotografia

Poised for the new season, the current frame shapes are tailored and not oversized – going against the grain of more commercial trends and relying instead on geometric, layered features and sophisticated tones of black, silver or gold, matt finishes and lens colours ranging from mirrored red to black smoke, understated yet edgy in black on black.

Hall of Frames
Capote / Cymatics frame 417Hz – the frames in the Cymatics collection are named after a frequency with healing properties  Photography: alexcaballerofotografia

Early work by Alex Capote was created with the desert festivals such as Burning Man in mind. Capote made a design for the desert – the Incubus, with attributes to cope with the extreme conditions of the dust, an adjustable black rubber strap and avantgarde design in vintage-effect rubber and silver steel. Capote Eyewear has its own store in Ibiza at Carrer de Manuel Sora, 17, 07800 Eivissa. Find out more at www.capoteyewear.com

To read our TREND bulletin and forecast for the finest Men’s Eyewear this year, click on the link here: www.eyestylist.com/eyestylist-trend-bulletin-issue-2/

Angles de Vue, Geneva

Bijoux store for glasses and accessories, in the heart of the city

With its vintage furniture, eclectic collections and colorful hats and bags decorating the walls makes Angles de Vue a special eye-catching destination. Set up by the young optician Olivier Novás in 2018, who completed his studies in Geneva in 2003, and then worked in a luxury opticians, the store has come to specialise in a personal and bespoke service for its neighbourhood whilst supporting local creators in Geneva, with space for fair trade design. Many of the accessory products are handcrafted and unique with simple silhouettes and lots of style, transcending time and trends, and created by local artists or artisans.


The boutique is located in the alternative neighborhood of Les Grottes in the centre of Geneva, next to the main station. The area is often described as colorful and bohemian, and features narrow streets, leafy squares and some small and creative artist’s studios, cafes, and second hand bookstores – as well as a popular local market. “My customers are local,” says Novás “but I also welcome many travellers from further afield who’ve heard about my personalized service and store.  My regular customers recommend my work by word of mouth.”

A fun vintage feel interior: colorful accessories and eyewear at Angles du Vue – prices range from modest to luxury
Angles de Vue stocks exclusive creator’s eyewear brands sourced by the owner at international fairs such as MIDO, Silmo and Opti. Currently there are frames available by Eyepetizer, Brevno, Ross & Brown and For Art’s Sake. Accessory labels include Apesigned (face masks and other fabric accessories), Kar Noush (handmade fashion) and Maleiwa Aikat (bags).
I find my inspiration in originality, quality, design and perfection,” says Olivier, who is a keen visitor of the fairs. When we asked him to share what he would most like in 2021 he said: “I hope that we can go to visit the international fairs again, to discover all the new creations.”
Angles de vue, Rue de la Faucille 6, 1201 Geneva

Men’s glasses trends: sustainable + retro

Eyestylist TREND bulletin cover frame: the eco-friendly Jukkasjärvi by EOE Eyewear

Round glasses, panto styles, circular specs: whatever you call them it’s a shape to take note of. The classic retro style is distinguished and intellectual with limitless variations to elevate one’s style.

EOE Eyewear’s Jukkasjärvi – our cover frame for February – is among the contemporary, sustainable styles in this noteworthy collection which originated in Swedish Lapland. The  unisex “round” design comes in tones of quartz, orchid or a new dandelion (see below) – our preferred shade for men. Made from ‘bio’ acetate, “friendly” because it does not contain petroleum it is also free from high-risk phthalates. Stylish precise design details are the key at EOE, and this frame stands out for its two-tone finish, with solid colour in the upper part and a transparent section below. Above: Victor Smangs wears model Jukkasjärvi  – in colour dandelion. The frames are named after places in northern Sweden. “Jukkasjärvi” is from Cohkkiras, meaning “meeting place”. It’s also the location of a famous Icehotel. Photography by Studio Andreas Johansson

OGI Eyewear
Jukkasjärvi by EOE Eyewear – in dandelion – an ideal round style for 2021

Recommended frames for men: Sustainable brand EOE Eyewear has a range of unisex frames including several easy-to-wear timeless designs we recommend for men. For those who seek a square design, try Bergglim, in trendy matt bark, or for a geek chic style choose the square thick rimmed He, available in black or bark and a perfect choice to dress up or even down. Visit EOE to see their latest designs at https://eoe-eyewear.com

Men’s glasses

Elegantly ‘bespectacled’: men’s glasses at Lafont Paris – SS 2021

With chat about a revival of more formal attire, and a return to semi-normal life on everyone’s minds, a smarter dress code and timeless heirloom or keep-sake accessories are billed to enjoy a rise. In men’s eyewear, “lasting” design, and classical shapes have long been a part of the established “work” wardrobe. Oval, round and rectangular tend to offer a stylish and professional air when created in fine materials, and the countless renditions of these glasses ensure that matching face shape, personality and specs no longer comes down to a few limiting rules about proportions of the face. Above: model Harlow by Lafont Paris – described as a sporty panto, this delightful shape with key hole bridge is one of the new “classics” by the Parisian label: it comes in blue, green, beige – with a transparent appearance – and tortoiseshell as pictured. https://www.lafont.com/model/58903/HARLOW-4051/

Haussmann by Lafont Paris: a combination design

With larger proportions and a distinguished narrow brow line, the two-tone effect of Haussmann is both modern and elegant. Much like the tone and textural contrasts in the fabric of a suit, this style balances, fresh colours and materials with a very fine structure that offers lightness and long-term comfort. Haussmann sums up the menswear mood for Spring 21 with its “smart casual” versatility and touch of brighter colour on a brown metal base. https://www.lafont.com/product/59022/HAUSSMANN-5507/

Götti Switzerland
Windsor rims  with 1920s + 30s origins are now on-trend: Casanova by Lafont Paris – a titanium design with vintage saddle bridge

Casanova is an all-time favourite at Lafont and a permanent feature of their Reedition collection. Windsor rims of this calibre are consistently sought after for their intellectual refinement and crafted finish, and in 2021 already, this shape appears to have a new found desirability among all ages. Whether that’s because it is part of an historic cultural notion of fine dressing and vintage refinement, this style of eyewear continues to be associated with handcrafting and artisan details even now with the more widespread use of materials such as titanium or stainless steel. The Casanova model in titanium has some different colour choices, ranging from  golden to grey, silver to tortoiseshell. www.lafont.com/product/57802/CASANOVA-006W/ For more information about men’s glasses trends and our selection of fine specs and sunglasses for 2021, click on the Eyestylist bulletin: https://www.eyestylist.com/eyestylist-trend-bulletin-issue-2/

Frankly Glasses, Toronto + Kuboraum

Shop-in-shop experience with Kuboraum, Berlin

Berlin’s avantgarde label Kuboraum continues its shop-in-shop installation project in a new collaboration with a brand new store: Frankly Glasses, Toronto. The store specialises in handcrafted eyewear and limited editions, and has made a point of curating its collections with attention to high-calibre acetates, stainless steels and eco-friendly materials.

In this new presentation of the Kuboraum collection – in which they are exhibiting the largest selection of Kuboraum frames in Canada, a part of the shop, inside and out, has been completely taken over with bold and eye-catching art work designed by founders Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi.

Frankly Glasses shop-in-shop for Kuboraum

In 2020, Kuboraum partnered with REWORKS120 in Seoul, South Korea for their first Shop-in-Shop Experience outside Germany. They have also worked with DSM Beijing to create their own in-store “branded” Kuboraum space.

Hall of Frames
OGI Eyewear

Frankly Glasses is located in Queen Street West, a vibrant are of the city boasting a mix of boutiques, vintage stores and a lively food and cafe scene. The eyewear store opened on 2nd January 2021. Frankly Glasses, 1530 Queen Street West Toronto ON

For more information visit www.franklyglasses.com / www.kuboraum.com

Men’s glasses: which styles to wear in 2021

This month, discover everything you need to know about what’s hot for men in eyewear – with Eyestylist

Gentlemanly. Sophisticated. With a technical approach. This year, independent designers work with notions of the timeless classics to create contemporary frames for men with versatility and outstanding attention to design details. The line up of shapes, materials, and material combinations, as well as new, precise thoughts on colour and texture, mean that the selection of styles is wide and influences multifarious –  from past decades – 1980s, 90s and even 00s, and gently mixed with architectural ideas and a desire to create frames for a discerning design oriented male. Above: Ørgreen Optics model Equator in the capsule collection Imaginary Lines. Photography by Petra Kleis

The unisex Equator 1112 by Ørgreen – circular shapes are particularly flattering on men with sharper features – pictured colour, antique gun

Titanium remains a key material in this playground for tech innovation, detail and precision. Super light frames such as Equator by Ørgreen Optics take the minimal approach to the material and stands out not only for the choice of six colorations, but the clever balance of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium which lends the weightless feel and the sleek contrasting lines and contours of the construction itself. Colours here range from the subdued – antique dark red and antique blue, with “antique” being the all important detail in giving the colours a refined and unique finish, as well as including a matt gun punctuated with bright matt orange temples, a more showy solution for those who want a bold uplifting style. View the Equator on the Ørgreen Optics website at https://orgreenoptics.com/product/equator-1125/

OGI Eyewear

During February, Eyestylist will highlight 10 frames for men which illustrate the key looks in the fine independent eyewear collections for Spring/Summer 2021. The next edition of the Eyestylist Trend bulletin launches this week on Issuu and extends our content about men’s glasses with a selection of fine independent glasses and sunglasses in the category.