EYESTYLIST Exclusive: The art of Rigards x Ziggy Chen

Two handmade designs are announced in the collaboration for 2024

Rigards has reunited with Ziggy Chen to create a dual release synergizing eyewear and high fashion. Defined by bold and assured silhouettes, the two co-branded frames were conceived as a response to a unique challenge: eyewear that will not only style well with hats, but equally will not be easily dislodged. The designers found inspiration, in particular, in the mountaineering style and oversized climbing shades of the 1980s.

The model RG1941ZC ‘Z-Goggle’ naturally resurrects the spirit of 1980s alpine goggles, and is described as having a directional yet easy edge. This titanium frame features ‘staircasing’ stepped curves, a signature architectural element that demonstrates evolutionary continuity to the preceding installment in this collaborative series. The stepped profiles fan out onto the side-shields, their small undulation further articulating the geometric presence and creating subtle shadow-play. The double-sided guilloché flourish on the temples enhances grip and lessens slipping from desired positions, the characteristic texture again circling back to the overarching imagery of nāgas and serpents. Above: Rigards x Ziggy Chen edition: RG1941ZC ‘Z-Goggle’ 

RIGARDS x Ziggy Chen Edition: RG1940ZC ‘Z-Horn’

2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership between RIGARDS and Ziggy Chen, a milestone the designers saw as a timely chance to revisit natural horn, the material that set the ball rolling for the creative collaboration. Reimagining in fuller proportions the calligraphic associations behind their earliest work, they designed an atypical pantos model RG1940ZC ‘Z-Horn’ , the simplicity of its exaggerated form a reference to broad, impassioned Eastern brushstrokes, but also smooth, bevel-edged inkstones. Titanium lens cages, an exclusive feature, are engraved with guilloché, with a scale-like pattern that represents a nod to the imminent Year of the Dragon.

RIGARDS x Ziggy Chen RG1940ZC and RG1941ZC are set to launch in-stores in Q3 of 2024, in 7 and 5 elegant colours, respectively. Each pair comes with a stitch-free origami case, made from a single piece of vegetable-tanned Santa Croce leather. Find out more at www.rigards.com – copyright applies. All rights reserved.

Mido 2024: new directions begin here

Eyestylist was privileged to explore the eyewear collections at the annual MIDO fair in Milan. The fair highlighted a wealth of new creativity and innovation in a busy, high-energy, enjoyable show experience – exclusive content by EYESTYLIST.COM

Designers are embracing new design techniques, highly developed technical competencies, state-of-the-art materials in cool combinations and an ever-inspiring artistic language in terms of key techniques such as bevelling or sculpting the frame, often mixing different materials in unique designs. Exciting concepts, contemporary handcrafted details and new colour palettes were on display at the Mido fair, inspired by many different imaginative sources and ideas, from beyond the eyewear segment itself.

Highlights from the independent designers and brands included new launches by RIGARDS, whose collection included a new bold and assured co-branded frame with Ziggy Chen – www.rigards.com; a new collection by Italia Independent, the first produced with MODO Group, under the direction of Lapo Elkann, founder of the brand; a brand-new 3D printed collection by Götti Switzerland called Bubbly in the Götti Dimension range;  an outstanding new collection from the Italian brand MOVITRA which pays special attention to performance and accomplished technical detail; new incredibly lightweight readers from Swiss start-up, read on; the official launch of Bayria’s Arts & Crafts Collection at the event, and exquisite material innovation at Nina Mûr from Spain who introduced their CLAY collection in Milan. Above: GIGI Studios’ model Elma in the stylish VANGUARD collection for Spring/Summer 2024 – the Spanish brand reported a very successful Mido event – www.gigistudios.com

MOVITRA: part of the luxurious new collection – a new edition of the brand’s Error404 style

Among several new product releases revealed in Milan, MOVITRA exhibited a brand-new edition of their iconic bestselling Error404, a design named after the Error Code that appears on websites. The iconic bi-colour Error404 sunglasses style has always been a model that represents the very essence and identity of the Milanese eyewear brand. The new frame, which has a round eyeshape, has been created in two new contemporary colours for 2024, Black, Crystal Brown with Bronze toned lenses or Black, Mirrored Crystal Blue with Blue lenses. Particular features of this all-acetate model are the scratched-effect of the front, which combines with acetate temples with MOVITRA’s patented bar behind. www.movitra.it

Modular eyewear: The Hey x Kaleos eyewear edition was unveiled at Mido 2024: the multi-coloured concept has 1296 possible combinations

A new collaboration edition by Kaleos was introduced at the Mido fair. The eyewear brand has worked with HEY for this modular concept, a creative studio in Barcelona who are known for their use of colour and irreverent visual code. www.kaleoscollection.com 

Ilana is part of the 3D printed Bubbly collection by Götti Switzerland

The new Bubbly collection by Götti Switzerland consists of two sunglasses (Ilana and Play) and two optical models (Ivie  and Ivon). The lightweight 3D printed styles have striking aesthetics which explore fluidity and organic forms with surfaces that are tactile and soft. www.gotti.ch

ROLF Spectacles
MIDO FEB 3-5 2024
Sculpted looks in acetate were everywhere at Mido: Alchimia by Italia Independent – a structured style with square eye shape – in a crystal tone called “Cappuccino” paired with bright blue lens

The new line from Italia Independent introduced predominantly acetate sun and optical styles reinterpreted through details and, in some cases, treated with a metal-effect finish informed by the world of ’90s racing yachts.

The colour palette draws inspiration from the wardrobe of Lapo Elkann: the brightest shades such as Lapo Blue are flanked by fluorescent colours in transparent versions, as well as more traditional tones of grey, crystal and havana. https://italiaindependent.com

Utinum by Bayria Eyewear: part of the Italian brand’s new line which was inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and William Morris – the frame beautifully combines green with crystal acetate

At Mido, we saw a significant trend towards experimenting with combinations of materials, colours, surfaces and transparency. The new Bayria collection had several examples, such as the model Utinum which features a crystal bridge and crystal as a lining to the natural green translucent angular front. https://bayriaeyewear.com

Eyestylist observed many trends at the Mido fair and this article is intended as a first view of some of the directions in 2024  : further developments will be gradually highlighted in the weeks ahead across our Eyestylist platform. The next MIDO will take place 8th to 10th February, 2025. www.mido.com

100% Optical promises line-up of international independent brands

The London show, which takes place from 24th to 26th February 2024 will feature – as part of its optical industry showcase – a variety of independent eyewear brands, from start-ups and emerging labels to well established international names

100% Optical, the London eyewear show – which is celebrating 10 years, promises a broad selection of independent eyewear collections with brands travelling from across Europe to exhibit at the show. The latest labels to confirm their presence include neubau eyewear, Frost, UltraLimited and Vakay. Above: the Italian titanium label Blackfin will exhibit at 100% this year – they will show their new collections including new titanium sunglass designs featuring Blackfin AirGlass, cutting-edge mineral lenses by Barberini

Logan and Ryan by SALT. Optics – the Californian brand SALT. Optics is a popular independent eyewear exhibitor at 100%

The fair will highlight new trends and directions in the optical arena, pointing to sustainability, eco materials and colour and design trends as key areas that will be highlighted through the presence of the selection of independent labels. They will exhibit in a dedicated area – The Studio – this year, which is sponsored by Nikon Lenswear UK and located in the heart of the Eyewear Zone. The fair organisers say that this location is set to be “the biggest independent line-up to date across the three-day optical event”.

Market sunglasses by Erker’s1879 in a gorgeous new colour called classic ancient tortoise

100% Optical holds the popular Love Eyewear Awards, sponsored by ShopAr and including 13 categories for the 2024 Edition. The Love Eyewear Awards features independents and major designers, manufacturers and retailers in the Optical industry.

VAVA Eyewear
Loft. New York. March 14-17
OGI Eyewear
TVR True Vintage Revival
Supernova by Morel France: a favourite man’s frame with signature MOREL hinge – designed for added comfort

The shortlist of nominees for 2024 include Filipe Diniz Lunettes, OtrO Eyewear, l.a.Eyeworks, Okkul, KOMONO, Danielle Rattray, STRUKTUR Eyewear, ROLF., Gotti Switzerland, Mokki, Bird Eyewear, The Optical Gallery and more! The winners of the awards will be announced on Saturday 24th February 2024 on the renowned 100% Catwalk, sponsored by OCUCO at the show.

Model Clyde in Blush by Götti Switzerland – an example of state-of-the-art 3D printed sunglasses, produced in Switzerland

100% will welcome the following independent eyewear exhibitors and brands this year: Bevel (US), Bird Eyewear (UK), Blackfin (Italy); Danielle Rattray (Scotland), Erkers1879/Studio Optyx (US), FACE A FACE (Paris), GIGI Studios, Kirk & Kirk (UK), Morel (France), Ørgreen Optics (Denmark), MOREL (France), Nina Mûr, SALT. (US), Sea2see (Spain) – among others.

100% Optical is a three-day show (from 24-26th February at the ExCel London) – the event will once again welcome professionals, experts and eyewear enthusiasts alike through its doors to celebrate the world of eyewear and optics. The February show will mark the 10th edition of 100% Optical, and organisers predict that the event will attract over 10,000 optical professionals from across the globe. For more information and to register, visit www.100percentoptical.com

Independent eyewear brand Rolf receives recognition for sustainable product

The Wire collection is the Austrian brand’s latest design-led series – it has won the Mido award in the sunglasses category – the collection offers a beautiful sophisticated attention to style as well as function

Rolf has received the CSE Certified Sustainable Eyewear – Sunglasses Europe Category – at the Mido eyewear show in Milan this weekend, a further accolade that brings much well-deserved recognition from the optical segment for the brand’s sustainable innovation and design. Their new Wire collection, which is 3D printed using rapidly renewable castor beans, offers plant-based optical and sunglass models which are light, robust and durable – with a researched qualitative contemporary design.

The frames in the Wire collection are characterised by coloured threads to create an artistic accent. They feature timeless shapes and a stylish finish, while also making a clear statement about preserving our planet and evolving materials in eyewear to meet this need.

SILMO Paris 20-23 SEPT 2024
Article One

The unique glasses from Rolf – whether they’re made out of wood, stone, or the new sustainable material – can be purchased at selected optical retailers and in the two flagship stores in Vienna and Reutte, Austria. www.rolf-spectacles.com

Lamarca: colour, combinations, and “mosaic” effects in acetate

The eyewear brand by Tris Ottica in Italy realises bold and colourful acetate frames with a signature style created with intriguing bonding – a signature technique of the eyewear producer

The new Lamarca collection by Tris Ottica – which debuts at Mido 2024 in Milan –  is fresh and colourful, featuring contemporary touches and sophisticated colour variations and transitions, created through bonding techniques in the Italian acetates.

Divided into several different collections, the Fusioni range is based on the concept of blending, combining and uniting things as one. Model Fusioni 142 uses acetates to replicate the ripple effects of water. Curved sections of the frame feature solid colour and crystalline effects, passing through an opaline finish. Each colour is milled at a different angle creating a dramatic and dynamic finish and an elegant play of light. Above: Fusioni 142 is a new entry in the collection – it is not unusual to see several tones combined in one frame design at Lamarca

Mosaico 136 by Lamarca Eyewear: here, the colours are combined in the mosaic effect on the upper section – the colour scheme features tones of light pink, dark pink and coral

A brand new example of a square-shaped frame for women in the Mosaico collection, model Mosaico 136 is characterised by a thin and lightweight frame design where crystal and opaline colours are combined in a patchwork effect on the upper section of the front. Tris Ottica has developed and perfected this technique of gluing the acetates together over many years, create different looks that are particular to their brand.

About Lamarca Eyewear – Lamarca was first launched as an eyewear brand in 2015, by the Italian eyewear makers, Tris Ottica. The line originated as a showcase for the production techniques and colour embellishments that the company was able to offer; gradually the collection developed into a range in its own right. Today, Lamarca includes several different series including Mosaico and Fusioni, collections with particular and recognisable characteristics, colour effects and decorative styles. Find out more at the Lamarca Eyewear website at www.lamarcaeyewear.com