Diffuser Tokyo: an expanding collection

Virtual products showcaseDiffuser Tokyo offers a growing collection of very high quality well finished eyewear accessories, designed for the stylish man, and incorporating high quality leathers and textiles. In their cases range, the autumn sees the arrival of new colours for the best-selling Horween leather eyewear case. Horween is a long-established tanner in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The quality of the leather means that it is flexible, tough and aesthetically elegant its its finish – the company uses unique technologies and oil impregnated during tanning produce the stylish and soft finish – as well as unique leather colours.

Diffuser Tokyo –  new hard case in red

This traditional hard case, with a small popper fastening, is lined with good-quality Japanese pigskin leather with excellent durability. This means that the product will age gradually acquiring a unique elegance and character over time.

Diffuser Tokyo : the new military inspired glasses holders

The new glasses-holder has a military-infused design.The cord is an original linen cord produced in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Fukui Prefecture is famous for its location in Sabae City, where glasses are produced; the district also has a flourishing textile industry due to its humid climate. The high-quality linen is functional and durable with a pleasant feel. Diffuser Tokyo products are available to buy direct from their website.

Product: Glasses holders and leather cases Brand: Diffuser Tokyo Website: www.diffuser-tokyo.com Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new trendsetting avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details about taking part, email [email protected].

Falvin Eyewear: contemporary, luxury style

Virtual products showcase: Birgitte Falvin’s creative concepts in modern luxury eyewear design extend to the new titanium models – Arctic and Equator, two lightweight sunglasses with harmonious colours and finishes.

In typical Danish style, the unisex model Arctic balances a minimal titanium structure with a two-tone colour scheme conceived to flatter and enhance skin tones – choose from Falvin’s signature eye-catching bright matt fire opal with matt rose gold to a more demure yet modern matt onyx combined with sophisticated mat black gold. Above: the innovative styles from Falvin, in a shoot by Danish photographer Henrik Adamsen featuring Marina Ohm (@marinaohm) and Patrycja Walczak (@patrycja.walczak).

Arctic by Falvin Eyewear: inspired by Danish architectural innovation

The hexagonal shape of the Arctic is informed by The Crystal, an environmentally friendly extension of Nykredit headquarters at the Kalvebod Brygge waterfront in Copenhagen.


Equator by Falvin Eyewear: cutting-edge design in titanium – made in Japan
The Equator model has a delicate oval eye shape, with a small “opening” in the upper corners. Colours are equally sophisticated, with choices which include matt fire opal with matt rose gold or matt topas with matt 24 carat gold.
All of Falvin’s premium designs can be decorated with luxurious diamond settings; Falvin works with a highly skilled Danish jeweller and offers this bespoke service for those customers who wish to personalise their frame with that extra special touch. Falvin shows at the Hall of Frames trade fair, Zurich on 13th/14th September 2020.
Since the start of lockdown, Falvin has created an online showroom, by appointment, to give their customers a privileged view of their stylish collection, from the comfort of their own home or office space. Please use the email following to arrange an appointment. Product: Arctic and Equator Brand: Falvin Eyewear (Denmark) Website: www.falvineyewear.com Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Ferilli Eyewear: Italian flair, sustainable materials

Virtual products showcase: The first brand of eyewear to produce a dedicated sustainable collection made from locally sourced prickly pear fibre and other sustainable materials such as olive wood and ebony, the young up-and-coming eco-conscious label Ferilli Eyewear successfully combines refined style and keen pricing in frames designed with a conscience, made to the strictest quality standards in Italy.

Their new line – “Aéras” ( “air” in Greek), is composed of six new unisex models inspired by the beautiful villages of Puglia in Southern Italy – with names such as Ostuni, Castro, Leuca and Porto Badisco. In this line, the focus was to “lighten the silhouette of the frame and highlight the Italian design, the lightweight quality and artisanal precision of the details.”

Ferilli Eyewear: the Aéras collection combines lightweight 100% sustainable materials and stylish Italian design

The prickly pear cactus has become increasingly desirable in recent years and as well as having health properties – it is popular in skincare and as a supplement for healthy hair – it  is even being studied for the production of earth-friendly plastic. In the Ferilli Eyewear collection, the patterned finish of the natural material creates a unique and eye-catching element for the fronts of the sunglasses.

Ferilli Eyewear: close-up of the unique patterning of the material, applied on birch wood in layers and covered with an eco-friendly resin

Trained as an optician, founder Cristiano Ferilli was born in Lecce in Puglia and has a special fondness for the region and its beautiful landscape. His eyewear collection uses the raw material, Sikalindi from the prickly pear cactus. The fibre needed for the sunglass production is obtained by a patented and completely eco-friendly method of dehydration without the use of pollutants.

Ferilli Eyewear; the sunglass styles are fitted with UV protective lenses in graduated, bright or more subtle and neutral tones

Ferilli Eyewear won “Best Ecological Sunglasses of the Year” in 2019 at the Monaco International Optics Trophies – the title “Maker of Merit” at the Maker Faire Rome (2019) – and was selected among the best young Italian designers in the “Showcase” – AltaRoma – Rome (2020).

Product: Aéras Collection Brand: Ferilli Eyewear Website: https://en.ferillieyewear.com Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].


JF Rey: dynamic and experimental design

Virtual products showcase: JF Rey’s dynamic, upbeat and experimental collections see new entries for autumn, with highlights including architecturally-informed designs, an interesting submarine inspired concept and more 3D spectacle shapes inspired by the amazing natural complexity and design of the structure of a shell. Above: the Shell concept is created in stainless steel – the colours are applied by hand. Photography: Ulrich Hartmann

Model NAUTINEW 0000: JF Rey

This concept is informed by the Nautilus submarine: its cutting-edge technology and high-tech engineering are a subtle reference to the portholes scanning the depths of the sea. Its complex shape results from a technical 3D-printing process, with a stainless-steel and nylon combination on the front and both side shells of the frame, while playing graphic contrast rectangle/round shape. The creative process is based on seeking out quality and unique lightness in materials along with excellence and functionality in the design. Black colour and soft matt finishing on the front strengthen the assertive and bold allure of the model. A contemporary and distinctive look specially cut out for adventurous people and protecting the gaze from light rays, wind and water splashes.

JF2913 Concept Shell – made in France

These eye-catching glasses (Concept Shell at JF Rey) have been imagined in the spirit of a shell, around the idea of a harmonious cocoon for women’s eyes. Crafted from fine quality stainless-steel, it strikes with its distinct octagonal shape achieved in an extreme fineness, airy lightness and bold avant-garde influences. Volumes appear in a delicate geometric construction playing the contrasts of shape and colours in a distinctive graphic spirit. The combination of pink gold and luminous poppy red elegantly combine with the lofty constructions. Handmade colorization on the front highlights the elegance and the precious styling of the model.

JF Rey 2879 Concept Wave

The result of technical and visual research, this frame – Concept Wave – offers a fluid, lightweight, and moving design. The modern and graphic style is achieved by the folding and coloring of thin stainless-steel strips. The style is given its character through a game in which fine metal lines bend, cross, overlap and vibrate on the front in a light and airy structure. Each stainless-steel element is individually folded, colored by hand and assembled on the frame according to a specially graphics construction.

Product: JF Rey collections “Wave, “Shell”, “Nautinew” Brand: JF Rey Website: www.jfrey.fr Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

TVR 504 & TVR Arnel – 2020 Edition

Virtual products showcase: The iconic style of actor James Dean, the panto shape is one of the most timeless vintage designs ever created. Based meticulously on the shape and replicating its style, the 504 and Arnel models by Japanese label TVR are recreated by hand by expert craftsmen in Sabae, Japan; the eyewear boasts 50s retro anti-slip strips, seven-barrel hinges, a keyhole bridge, signature SPM (Sun Platinum Metal material) spear rivets and miter cutting by hand.  Above: TVR Arnel: classic style handcrafted in Japan
TVR 504 – worn by George Laboda
The TVR® Arnel® shape – also known as the JD frame – is usually patented using Japanese 4mm celluloid to accentuate the lustre and shine of the material. Its slim profile also adds comfort and a better fit. The updated iteration is crafted by hand by TVR®’s master craftsman in Sabae, Japan, Sawada-Yaemon.
The miter cut technique is a critical feature of vintage eyewear where the front of the frame and temples each lie at a 45-degree angle, creating a 90-degree angle. True Vintage Revival remakes all the original elements of the TVR® 504 and TVR® Arnel® using an exceptionally rare, authentic mould that produced the classic shape just as it was in the past.
TVR504: based on the classic style, worn by James Dean
“We come from a family of master craftsmen whose heritage dates back to the Edo period. Our family, the Yaemon, in fact is the first to perfect the iconic TVR® 504 shape using traditional measurements and techniques, making this collection extra special to us.” —Sawada-Yaemon

To celebrate the overwhelming support and encouraging response from customers over the years, TVR® will be offering this 2020 edition using Zylonite material, featuring the intricate Japanese engraving depicting The Great Wave of Kanagawa on the metal core.

Product: TVR 504 and TVR Arnel Brand: TVR (Japan) Website: www.tvropt.com / www.tvropt.eu Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Jean Philippe Joly: details in acetate

Virtual products showcase: Jean Philippe Joly’s passion and commitment to unique handmade design is always apparent in his collections which tell a story of inventive creativity, savoir-faire and high artisanship. The designer is a self-confessed detailist with an eye for colour and sculptural aesthetics.  His limited edition styles are popular with artistic individuals and have recently been worn by Natalia Vodianova, the Russian model/entrepreneur.

Above: the ever popular cat eye has a new “soft” look in this new entry by Jean Philippe Joly (model Jalouse) which would have launched this month in Paris : vintage turquoise acetate fitted with 24 hour delicate custom aqua sun lenses. A small wave detail on the side of the frame front and nicely formed hand-finished bevels are a finishing touch in this individual design.

Jean Philippe Joly: model Producteur

Model Producteur by Jean Philippe Joly returns to the collection in new colourways : this frame has custom blue lenses for 24 hour wear. It has a discreet “depression” in the 8 millimetre Mazzucchelli acetate on the sides of the front and on the shiny polished temples. Real rivets are a typical “hallmark” feature of these designs.

Jean Philippe Joly chooses the finest Mazzucchelli acetates: above, a frame inspired by waves – model Surfeur

The choice of quality acetates by Mazzucchelli in Italy and the highest standards yet traditional manufacturing methods results in a refined design product of uncompromising quality.

Product:  New-season collection – models Producteur, Jalouse + Surfeur  Brand: Jean Philippe Joly Website: www.jeanphilippejoly.com Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details about taking part, email [email protected].

‘Enjoy Eyewear Again’

A special event in Italy for independent design brands

A new event concept by the founder of Miga Studio Eyewear (Italy) and like-minded independent eyewear brands and designers will take place on 7th September 2020 at Villa Avanzi, Lake Garda, Italy (by invitation only).

The concept is designed to bring customers and brands together again in a stunning, safe yet intimate setting, and to allow opticians access to some of the finest independent labels and their new offerings, in line with new social distancing protocols.

“We have organised an entire day dedicated to opticians who wish to discover unique eyewear with an inevitable glass of wine,” says Alessandro Fedalto of Miga Studio Eyewear who has conceived the event with others as a result of  the many cancellations of trade events through 2020, due to the global pandemic. ” 20 eyewear brands from Italy, UK, Germany, USA and Portugal will share their latest projects and designs releasing for the new season and 2021 with a group of 100 stores located within easy proximity of the stunning shores of Lake Garda and the historic location. For more details contact [email protected]

Ely Yili Cao: pearly jewellery eyewear

Gemmologist and award-winning jewellery & eyewear designer Ely Yili Cao is a graduate of the prestigious RCA in London. Her latest work is entitled Lunette de Diadème.

“My collection uses luxury as a perspective and high-end jewellery as a platform,” says Ely Cao. The designer, who has taken part and won the 100% Optical / RCA Eyewear design competition (in 2020 and previously) for a work featuring delicate pearl settings, has created her latest work – Lunette de Diadème – as a means of exploring how spectacles have infiltrated our lives beyond a medical device and symbol of impairment.

Working with a mix of materials such as rhodium plated silver alloy, fresh water and Tahiti pearls with bluetooth earphones, Cao has imagined and created a new personal concept in luxury glasses, incorporating high-tech, connected to artisan jewellery-techniques, with handmade settings and a genuine appreciation of traditional construction. Her attention to detail continues into innovative functional and aesthetic features – with highlights which include beautifully conceived moveable jewellery parts, interchangeable lenses, and a hugely appealing charging case.

About: Ely Yili Cao, a designer who specialises in jewellery, eyewear and accessories, an authorized gemmologist and appraiser, earned her BA (Hon) degree in Jewellery Design, at the Central Saint Martins’ College of Art and Design, finished gemmologic study from GIA with scholarship, and recently graduated from the Royal College of Art fashion programme, specialising in accessories and eyewear.
Her design and craft skills have been selected and awarded worldwide — by organizations including The Goldsmiths’ Centre, The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council in the UK, Gemological Institute of America in the US, Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects (JOYA) in Spain; and by commercial companies including The Leatherseller’s Company, Theo Fennell and William Morris London (100% Optical / RCA competition). For more information visit @ely.yili.cao (Instagram) and www.elycao.com

Sunny vibes at Lowercase

Launch of three made-in-NYC styles as the Brooklyn label returns to normal production

A set of three stunning new handmade frames is announced by Lowercase, the NYC independent artisan label working out of a historic Brooklyn factory. The label has recently resumed full production post-lockdown and the new designs – Rose, Lenox and Astor – offer a refreshing reminder of the intricate processes and distinctive handcrafting techniques that go into a small-batch production at this level.
Astor by Lowercase – handmade in New York

The three new bookish frames are inspired by the renowned libraries of New York City, where the Lowercase manufacturing workshop is based. Merging craftsmanship with modern design, ​each style has its particular nuances from the effortlessly stylish shaping of Rose and the classic, versatile, and flattering Astor to the Lenox, which features rounded corners and smooth lines that soften the hard geometry​. All Lowercase sunglasses are produced in hand-polished acetate and feature the finest hardware and quality Carl Zeiss sun lenses.Find out more at www.lowercasenyc.com

Repair + recycle: TimeFrame

UK start-up TimeFrame, created in lockdown, proposes bespoke frames made from old stock and restoration of vintage specs

A new project by a UK dispensing optician – created in lockdown whilst on furlough from his regular work – offers customers a bespoke sunglasses design, made from pieces of old, unused, upcycled or vintage eyewear. Elliot Carey says that alongside repairing special vintage eyewear finds from the past, he is creating one-off designs using pieces of unwanted spectacle frames that the owners would otherwise throw away.

The limited editions sunglasses are fitted with new UV protective lenses with a choice of colours and tints – depending on the requirements of each client.  Above: old eyeglasses reconfigured into new “Frankenspex” designs – the styles have a Gothic-infused style and finish

TimeFrame: Repairing old unique pieces of vintage eyewear

Carey has also sourced a selection of unique vintage frames, some of which he will reconfigure for his clients, who include individuals with a love of vintage eyewear, theatre companies, and people who just want to recycle their frames and use them again.

Vintage frames, sourced online on Ebay and similar sites

With plans to expand the bespoke service and create designs inspired by architecture and design details in his local city, Carey is confident that demand for his handmade recycled styles will increase as the fashion industry resets its focus towards a sustainable agenda. A one-off bespoke design without a huge price tag is an attractive proposal to a young 20+ age group especially for those, according to Carey, with a passion for upcycled fashion and a desire to recreate their perfect specs and give them a new lease of life.  To find out more visit www.ebay.co.uk/usr/timeframer90

Gemma Styles: second collection launch

Available exclusively at Baxter & Bonny from 7th August 2020

Fun yet classic, with focus turned to sustainable, energy-efficient production as well as charming, easy-to-wear design, the second capsule by Gemma Styles and Kenmark Eyewear is announced with a further 5 timeless shapes, in youthful colours including honey, watermelon and caramel.  Styles says she focused on the longevity of the shapes, making sure they could be loved and enjoyed by their owners for years to come.

“The Young Ones” – a petite acetate cat eye – pictured above in carbon: “The inspiration for this shape was a photograph of my grandma from the early 1970s” says Styles.

Gemma wears own design, The Young Ones in watermelon

Continuing the theme of the first collection, each sunglass is named after songs from Styles’ personal favourite playlist that embody the look and feel of the frame. Gemma also wanted to give back to a cause near and dear to her heart, mental health.

‘Don’t Stop’ by Gemma Styles x Kenmark – in Caramel – 10% of proceeds will be donated to mental health research

To do so, she created a special ‘Find the Light’ style (‘Don’t Stop’ in Caramel) specifically to donate 10% of the proceeds to mental health research. It was important that this style had a positive song association.

Gemma wears Take It Easy – in Carbon

The first line created as a collaboration between influencer/writer Gemma Styles and Kenmark Eyewear launched in 2018 with four styles. The new sunglass designs  are available exclusively at www.baxterandbonny.com from the official launch date of 7th August 2020. For more information about Kenmark visit www.kenmarkeyewear.com

The Friday edit: discover 3QUARTERS

3QUARTERS is a 5 year old sustainable brand with a concept that is as unique and creative as the designs that it makes: the upcycled materials used to make the bags are remnants of awnings used in Athens on apartment balconies.

Committed to the principles of sustainable design, and small-scale artisan production, the label works to raise awareness about slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion, through timeless designs with a modern attitude and range of colours.

3QUARTERS upcycled collection – handcrafted with care

The awning fabrics are almost exclusively synthetic and in Greece there is no infrastructure for recycling, disposing of, or repurposing these fabrics. So far, 3QUARTERS has reclaimed and reused at least 2 tonnes of unwanted materials. The brand has a zero-waste policy and creates no waste whatsoever. All leftover fabrics, threads, and metal parts are repurposed into new products or donated to affiliated organizations.

About the brand: 3QUARTERS has a retail presence in numerous countries around the world, is a founding member of Fashion Revolution Greece and in 2019 was awarded the Common Objective Leadership Award for “having the courage to do the right thing – and doing it well. The CO leadership awards put the spotlight on businesses with great products or services – that maximise benefits to people, and minimise the impact on the environment.” In 2020, one of the co-founders of 3QUARTERS was selected as one of the judges for the 2020 European Commission Social Innovation Competition, entitled “Reimagine Fashion” and focusing on the future of the fashion industry. Find out more at https://3quarters.design/

Michele Claseri, Roveri Eyewear

The concept of ‘the modern day gentleman’ is more prominent and notable in today’s world than ever before – in an era where everyone’s aesthetic, style and bank-balance is up for scrutiny via social media and with the invention of globally platformed reality TV shows, the word ‘gentleman’ and its connotations today strive far from their original aristocratic origins. Cue Roveri Eyewear – an independent brand that embodies the classic, reserved, vintage aspects of an original ‘gentleman’ whilst being in keeping with the consistently on-trend, bold and ambitious traits of ‘the modern day gentleman’ we admire today. Roveri uses quality materials combined with elegant, striking design to produce a line of eyewear with the finesse of the luxury cars the brand’s creator is inspired by.

The luxury automotive business is a niche sector to say the least – what first ignited your love for cars in general, or was it more of a lucrative business temptation? My passion for cars began when I was 14. In Italy, we all used to ride mopeds around town with groups of friends. When I got my first car at the age of 18, I started going to many different car shows and dreamt of more expensive, luxury cars. It’s when I moved to Turin in 2009 to attend a car design school founded by Giugiaro that I started to appreciate the art and science behind cars.

Roveri Eyewear: RV018

I’m definitely more of a design person rather than a mechanical one, and it was during those 3 years of school that really started getting interested in this new type of material called carbon fibre – widely used in racing cars manufacturing. Nowadays, we can see this material used in many different car brands for their top of the range models, but until just a few years ago, it was way too expensive and time-consuming to be used in the production of cars. After school, I was accepted at Ferrari in Maranello for a six-month internship. It was here that I started working with really expensive vehicles and cultivated a passion for cars that only a small percentage of people can afford.

Automotive car brands like Ferrari and aspects of that industry like F1 have been an inspiration and aesthetic for so many within the fashion industry – were you always interested in style and dressing well, or did that grow from its association with luxury cars? I was born in Northern Italy and I moved to California in 2015. I had always been inspired by hip-hop culture and eagerly followed the streetwear style movement – when I was in school people used to make fun of my skate shoes; no one in Italy knew what they were at the time.

I used to buy shoes and hoodies from stores across the U.S.A and have them shipped to me in Italy for many years, keeping on top of the new streetwear trends. I had never really paid attention to the classic Italian dress style since everybody used to wear the same ”fancy” clothes in the streets of Milan or Bergamo, cities famous for their fashion-conscious populations.

When I moved to California, my views on fashion were totally transformed. I now pay more attention to the Italian way of dressing; it is elegant, sophisticated and less mainstream – and it is not that common here in California. For me it’s not about the brand of the clothing or accessories I am wearing, but its more about the style I portray. On reflection – I suppose I was dressing like an American while living in Italy, and more like an Italian now that I’m in America!

Agave Beach, California: Roveri’s founder is currently living in this area

Watches are a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe – they are symbolic of many things including style, taste and success – an accessory that has also been linked to sporting and one that has evolved alongside those sports. What made you aware that sunglasses were the next high-end gentleman’s product to fill a gap in the market? I had been following different eyewear brands, and I loved the idea that small and independent labels are beginning to dominate the high-end market of luxury eyewear. Most people think that luxury sunglasses are limited to ‘big name’ brands – without even knowing that there is another world out there for luxury eyewear. The niche luxury eyewear brands and their high-end manufacturers use premium materials such as titanium and gold; the same materials used for luxury watches. Nowadays luxury watchmakers like Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Richard Mille and others are adopting forged and machined carbon fibre for their watch cases, and I thought that this type of material could have a nice fit in the eyewear market.

So far some brands have used carbon fibre for their frames, but the carbon used is laminated on a mould and has the same ”fabric” effect as the carbon used in cars and boats. The new way of machining the carbon from a block ( the same method used by those luxury watch brands) is a totally different way to approach this high-tech material. The machining process is more intensive, expensive, and time-consuming, but it results in an end product – be it a watch or a glasses frame – with a totally different look that replicates the pattern of Italian marble.

Roveri Eyewear is the only brand offering eyewear with this new type of carbon fibre manufacturing; we intend to keep releasing new frames with different combinations of engineered, forged and machined carbon fibre paired with other high-tech materials such as beta titanium and gold.

Roveri Eyewear: a new concept – the CLM-7

Why was the decision made for Roveri as a brand  to market solely towards not just men but ‘gentlemen’ ? Would you say there is a gap in the market to equip the gentleman of today?  Yes, I think there is a huge gap between people who just follow trends, and those who go deeper and decide to buy and wear different brands outside the mass market. This is relevant for any type of purchase; from a car to a watch, from a leather jacket to a pair of sunglasses.

At Roveri we cater to people who don’t buy a pair of sunglasses simply because they see someone they follow on social media wearing them, but because they appreciate the workmanship, the diligent and thorough process of how our sunglasses are made, and value a pair of sunglasses just like they would value a nice car or an expensive watch. Continue reading “Michele Claseri, Roveri Eyewear”

Handmade in Brazil: Lapima’s Cora sunglasses

Bug eyes! Snug on the face, brightly toned or classic white, with a contrasting lens hue for an enhanced elegant style : the bug eye sunglasses had their heyday in the 70s and 80s and today we’re seeing them return to the catwalk – smaller, neater and all the more quirky – this look is here to stay – for ’21!

Cora in mint, by Lapima – a favourite in the Lapima SS20 collection

Lapima’s beautiful Cora – reminiscent of the ‘bug-like sunglasses’ – is created with a sharp, modern aesthetic, narrow, elongated and fitting over the eyes with a mask-like effect. The chic sculpted artisan frame by the Brazilian couture eyewear label is much like the handmade sunglasses of the 60s and 70s, with a stunning glossy, smooth finish and pointed end tips that could only have been worked and shaped by hand. The UV protective lenses come in pretty, matching or contrasting tones – a gorgeous off-white acetate is paired with a yellow lens, the mint comes with a brown gradient lens, the ultra violet has a solid green lens….another 8 colours are also available – each colour pairing offering a distinctive character and style.

Lapima packaging: the minimal white protective case is produced in leather

Lapima is a luxury sunglasses brand founded in 2016 by Gisela and Gustavo Assis. The brand works to unite cutting-edge technology with handmade craftsmanship and has proven to be a disruptive presence in Brazilian design. By overcoming traditional aesthetic limits with an avant-garde vision, the label is an invitation for individuality with geometrical lines that play with volume, light and shadow in frames carved by hand in Italian acetate. With the highest quality of materials sourced throughout Europe, Lapima sunglasses are handmade using a 28-step process at their in-house atelier in Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

The brand is available at boutiques including Moda Operandi, The Webster, Tasoni (Switzerland) and Gogosha Optique (LA), with celebrity supporters including Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Kerry Washington, Kristen Bell, and Olivia Palermo. For more information about Lapima sunglasses, and to browse the online store visit www.lapima.com

Sunglasses Edition: SALT. Optics x A’maree’s

Californian luxury concept store partners with SALT. in exceptional sunglasses edition

The new capsule collection produced in a collaboration between the concept store and the Californian eyewear brand is one of the most beautiful eyewear collaborations to launch in 2020, with three sophisticated and timeless designs that pay homage to iconic sunglasses of the past. Above and below: The Trois, the round titanium rimmed silhouette in the trio of new designs in the exclusive collaboration. The Trois – with design elements that evoke the mid-century modern style of the A’maree’s store, is available in black, honey gold, rose gold or traditional silver. The campaign for the collection was shot at A’maree’s in Newport Beach, a distinctive architectural landmark dating back to the 1960s.

SALT. x A’Maree’s / The Deux – the 1950s inspired cat’s eye style in the trio of new designs

The Deux is based on a cateye frame shape with a glamorous fairly oversized silhouette based on the iconic styles worn by Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. This design is available in antique rose, A’maree’s signature white, black or toasted coffee.

SALT. x A’Maree’s / The Un – toasted coffee tone with pale green G-15 lens

Inspired by the wayfarer of the 1950s, The Un continues an eyewear tradition that has been a staple through the decades. A functional riveted plaque subtly evokes the styling of the era, while the specific sizing allows for a unisex fit. Colours include antique rose, black, indigo blue or toasted coffee.

All styles in the line are produced to the highest quality in Japan and feature premium materials, Japanese components and polarised lenses with backside A/R coating.

About A’maree’sLocated at Newport Beach, the family-owned luxury store has grown from a tiny boutique into a high fashion force, known across America. The store is still run by Nancy and daughters Apryl and Dawn who bring together art, fashion labels and accessories from across the world. They include one-off jewellery pieces by Alan Faye, hats by Italian brand FILU and Christina Kim’s dosa clothing and accessories. The sunglasses edition is available at A’maree’s (www.amarees.com) and selected boutiques/optical stores. For more information about the collection visit www.saltoptics.com

YM® x TVR® SERIES 2 2020 Edition Preview

Clean lines and a diamond cut finish, handmade in Japan

The collaboration between Japanese label TVR® and Yamada Mitsukazu®, the eponymous brand of the Japanese craftsman Yamada-san will see a second edition launch this September  — Yamada Mitsukasu® x TVR® SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut.

Based on an iconic 1940s French panto shape, the style combines a high hinge and full-bodied base, a detail which creates a wide pantoscopic view for the wearer. Complementing the vintage shape, traditional rivets from the 1920s are added to give an elegant, old-school finish to the fronts.

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2

Distinguished by  diamond cut edges that contribute to the clean lines, simplistic 90-degree angle with smooth curves and protruding hinges — the bold and masculine structure is balanced with wide library temples tapering to flared tips.

The upper part of the frame is derived from a square shape, meticulously hand-cut with precision in mind. The use of an 8mm front perfected using the diamond cutting technique also ensures a beautifully flat bridge surface and excellent fit of the temple. The diamond edge finishing is also another feature that’s perfected by Yamada-san himself who has over 60 years of artistry and experience of spectacle-making.

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut is also an expression of ‘East meets West’, where traditional Japanese handcrafted artistry paired with vintage French design. Above: Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2 

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® — SERIES 2 – luxurious pure gold plating on seven barrel hinges and arabesque metal detailing

The frame fronts also undergo a special polishing process that lends a certain artisanal handmade quality to each frame. “You can say that the polishing skill is based on my ‘sixth sense’ because it is entirely based on what you see and how you feel. There is a lot of attention in the detail involved in the making of this collection,” explains the master craftsman.

The Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® — SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut 2020 edition will be available online and in selected stores in Autumn 2020.The collection comes in four individual colours — Black Diamond, Brown Beer, Olive Crystal and Yellow Crystal — vintage tones which have a true. www.tvropt.com

GIVEAWAY – @eyestylistmagazine (Instagram) today, we’re Giving Away a stunning 1 Pair of TVR 504 glasses (with plano lenses ready to be fitted with lenses at your local optician) – made in Sabae, Japan. Visit our Instagram profile today to take part.

3D printed glasses

A constant flow of new collections and concepts

From high-tech sun-clips, combination designs (Polyamide fronts with titanium sides are popular) through to new collections by a healthy number of different types of company, the 3D printed eyewear choices are clearly pleasing wearers. The key properties of lightness and comfort alongside a growing variety of design options point to ongoing growth in this field where evolving design styles and more individualistic looks are now more readily available.

Above: Launched this month : Gotti Switzerland’s refined new sun clip (designed for models DAGO / DALE) – in titanium and 3D printed polyamide, offered in 12 colours and 4 different lens tints – www.gotti.ch

BETA from Modo’s 3D Lab collection – for the new season

Modo’s 3D Lab collection, announced in June 2020, is the first 3D printed line in this company’s portfolio and is described as utilizing the latest in additive manufacturing. A wide choice of colours and styles are featured as is typical with 3D printed, with preference given to a high-tech matte surface. Temples are produced in beta titanium balancing the Polyamide front and creating – overall – a sleak and minimal finish. Find out more: www.modo.com

Liq Eyewear: “liquid-inspired” sculptural shapes in 3D printed Polyamide

Start-ups have also taken a keen interest in the potential of 3D printing in eyewear – and highlight the sustainable production and ease of customization for sizing and fit. We’ve identified a selection of small labels like Liq Eyewear  (www.liq-eyewear.es); started initially as a small project by Josep Mateo Muñoz, product designer at Creax Design, a design and innovation studio in Barcelona, the team has taken the line further to launch it online and through opticians – so far in Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona and locations in mainland Spain. A modern, cosmopolitan style balances fashion and technology in frames which are easy to wear, and produced “on demand” with reduction in waste. For more of the latest 3D printed product news follow our updates – For our latest review featuring 3D printed sunglasses (Côte du Soleil edition by neubau eyewear) visit: https://www.eyestylist.com/2020/06/maurice-by-neubau/ CN

The Butterfly look: Sol Sol Ito 031 DP

The imaginative, gently curved SOL SOL ITO 031 DP is a frame that combines purity of design with a nod to femininity in its subtle soft lines. A statement shape, launched previously in shiny green, the Swiss independent label has now issued the style in different powerful red versions and a subtle ‘gold brown’ (pictured above) with gold-plated temples and brown temple ends. At a time when neutrals and ‘earthy’ shades such as deep, orange, ochre and clay are trending in fashion, this version in particular has a rich depth of tone that will transition well through autumn.
At Sol Sol Ito, each pair of sunglasses is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide. All the frames have a particular “click-in” temple design, an innovative feature for which design duo Monika Fink and Sandra Kaufmann have received much recognition. The collection is sold widely in fine optical stores including Auerbach & Steele in the UK. For online purchases, Sol Sol Ito’s sunglasses store has launched for the current season and can be found at https://de.solsolito.com/sunglasses Photography for Sol Sol Ito by Hans Hansen.

The Friday Edit: “total relax” summer essentials

These particular products are on our wish list for the summer days ahead…

Preparing for staycations, balmy days of summer, moments of quiet relaxation, reflection or just a good read? In our Friday edit this week, we highlight three unique yet simple products that will lift your spirits and sense of well-being in the weeks to come. Above: Morpho + Luna’s silk eye pillow from “Les Irrésistibles” line

Freija pillow by Morpho + Luna – handmade in Italy
1. The “Les Irrésistibles” line of eye pillows makes use of archived fabric from past collections. As with the silk pieces at Morpho + Luna, the pillows are made in Italy from 100% pure silk and filled with meticulously cleaned wheat grown in Lancashire which helps to soothe and relax tired eyes whilst also being gentle on skin. Put a few drops of a favourite essential oil to the inner cotton pillow for added relaxation! https://morphoandluna.com
Reading glasses by Frank and Lucie – Ocean Odyssey Collection – inspired by the colours of the sea

2. For reading glasses and sunglasses, Frank and Lucie (Netherlands) have updates in their collection, which explore pretty, delicate tones of aquamarine, seaweed and natural “watery” transparencies of ‘laguna’ and ‘morning swim’. Shapes are easy and well-proportioned with panto and round designs inspired by classic spectacles of the past. The collection also features sunglasses for reading and fun new eyewear chains. Find all the latest designs at www.frankandlucie.com

SHED Soy Candles: luxurious, pure and kind to the environment – handmade in the UK

3. Alongside those moments of reading and rest, the Shed Soy Candle is a wonderfully luxurious treat with pure essential oils selected for their therapeutic and calming properties. The high quality scents will add an immediate feeling of wellbeing, while the design is unpretentious and minimal fitting perfectly with any decor – for home or work environments and a perfectly unique and elegant gift. Find our more: www.shedsoycandles.co.uk


Jen Nollaig: wearable art, created in isolation

The Dublin-based designer shares her lockdown project, ‘Me, myself & eye’

Artist/designer Jen Nollaig developed a colourful collection of intriguing works centered around upcycling old eyewear frames, during the weeks of lockdown in March/April 2020. Nollaig has built a unique niche for herself in customised artworks, and has produced pieces for clients in the UK, NYC and Ireland.
“In lockdown, I needed to anchor my mind to something that made me feel at peace,” she explained,  “so I started to do what I love most and create.  For me this offers a way to escape; this is what this new collection is inspired by, a personal journey of escapism in isolation, an attempt to capture the current sentiment of the new days and feelings that I am experiencing.” Above: One of the new works: ‘Processing’ is created with layered cocktail sticks, hand painted and finished off with painted compressed polystyrene balls from an old bean bag.
‘Eyesolation’ – 1 by Jen Nollaig – worn by the artist

The works in the new series include ‘Eyesolation’ –  produced out of a deconstructed diamond belt Nollaig found in a charity shop and customised with ‘googley eyes’ fromher children’s craft box.

Jen Nollaig wearing ‘Adjustments have been made’

For ‘Adjustments have been made’ – the artist says she broke apart old eyewear frames to use as the base and layered crayons and colouring pencils on top.

Previous works by Nollaig with an Xmas ‘glitter’ and ‘bauble’ theme earned her the headline ‘Ireland’s most Christmassy woman’ (Irish Times in 2019). A custom design she created for a client in New York (@happyhappyphoenix) for the Afropunk Brooklyn festival brought the designer attention in WWD and Teen Vogue. Photographs by Jen Nollaig featuring the artist. Follow Jen Nollaig and hew new works on Instagram @jen_nollaig.

Covrt Project, London: back on the street

@boyfromdagbon x @davidnyanzi shoot with streetwear brand Covrt Project in Piccadilly, London

Out of lockdown, and back on the street: Covrt Project, the emerging British streetwear brand, returns with its first shoot post-quarantine in central London by photographers @boyfromdagbon x @davidnyanzi.

The featured Covrt sunglasses from the award-winning _Mission One collection 2020 include the MP1 style, a black CNC milled steel frame with Base 2 visor lens. The innovative design of the lens is a unique element at the bridge influencing the overall shape of the sunglasses; bolted on with visible screws to the front it’s also cut away at the top and bottom, lightening the structure and creating a different and defining style-driven look.

MP1 by Covrt Project – Photography: @boyfromdagbon + @davidnyanzi

Covrt Project eyewear is designed by Marcello Martino in London and produced exclusively in Italy. The first collection is available at high-end optical stores in UK, France, Italy and Germany – and online at www.covrtproject.com

Eyestylist.com joins with Covrt Project in a special giveaway on Instagram – from Wednesday 10th June at 9am (GMT). For a chance of winning this pair of award-winning sunglasses, visit our Instagram page at @eyestylistmagazine between 10th and 13th June 2020. For more information: www.covrtproject.com

The Friday edit: leather design / Beaumour Paris

Eyewear accessories which serve another practical purpose are unique at Beaumour. The Paris brand has tapped into convenience alongside quality, with a nicely balanced design finesse for products which carry a mix of personal essentials.

Above: the collection is produced in naturally dyed leathers. Founder Quentin Stubbe has created timeless artisan-made designs adjusted to the modern lifestyle.

Card holder glasses case at Beaumour Paris

The range includes a card holder glasses case with space for up to 4 credit cards, a compact design made of full-grain natural leather (above).

Glasses wallet at Beaumour Paris – practical and minimal

The lightweight glasses wallet has the appearance of a slim eyewear case – on the inside there is space for eyewear, credit cards and bank notes making it ideal as a way to carry around essentials without the need for several individual accessories.

The range is made from sustainable raw materials including natural tanned leathers free from chemicals and made to last. For more information and for the online shop visit https://beaumour-paris.com/pages/notre-histoire


Centro Ottico Bastia: Insta personality

In the third and final recommendation in our series on creativity on Instagram this week, meet Chiara Veronese @centro_ottico_bastia, a young Italian optician and designer with an eye for style and curated imagery.

Chiara Veronese’s IG profile @centro_ottico_bastia is colourful, personal and full of fun and glamour. With a background in art and graphic design, Veronese took over her father’s optical store in 2016, and has a special passion for independent creative design. “After graduating from the University of the Arts London in 2011 I studied to be an optician in Italy,” she told Eyestylist. ” Today I’m the owner, the manager, the creative, the cleaner: I’m a one-woman band!”

Interior shot at Centro Ottico Bastia (at the foot of the Euganean hills, Veneto, Italy)

With posts that visualise the beautiful chic style of the shop, as well as Chiara’s personal edit of eyewear, design, fashion and accessories, a few very elegant selfies are also highlighted as part of the styling of this page, demonstrating the unique qualities of the frames in store.

“My IG inspiration is always connected with independent brands and creative individuals,” she says. “I follow many accounts on travel, design and ceramics, and I have a soft spot for Japanese photography and architecture. I’m very attracted to one-off projects, collaborations and hybrid design (useful vs beautiful).”

Asked how she’s faired in lockdown, she says she has tried to see it as a chance to explore creativity within the limits of her home. “For IG I’ve been using only what is immediately available and mundane, everyday objects and settings. I also had the opportunity to experiment with my first, rudimentary posts via IGTV.”  Via Veneto 54, Loc. Bastia, 35030 Rovolon PD, Italy. Find out more about Centro Ottico Bastia at the new website: www.centrootticobastia.it

Joe Doucet: face shield as fashion piece

With the expected long-term need for personal face protection in our daily lives against Covid-19 post lockdown, designer Joe Doucet has created a face shield with integrated sunglass lenses and arms – the first of its kind. The studio is currently seeking a brand or eyewear manufacturing partner to produce the unique futuristic design in a collaborative project.

Studies have shown that face shields or visors are much more effective than surgical style face masks, but in their current basic format they are uncomfortable and awkward. Doucet’s design aims to make wearing face protection “more practical and less alien and intrusive on the wearer”, integrating a fashion-forward ‘futuristic’ look more akin to trends in contemporary apparel and fashion in general. The design proposed with polycarbonate shield integrates an anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision when in use.

A face shield you would want to wear? An exclusive design by Joe Doucet

The design studio hopes that by improving the basic face shield design to a level that creates desirability in the product as an easy-to-wear fashion accessory aligned with sunwear, greater uptake for personal protection can be further encouraged in the weeks and months once lockdown is eased.

Based in New York, Joe Doucet is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur and inventor. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Doucet began exporting his vision into product, furniture, environment, and technology to find solutions for daily and societal challenges through design. His work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message. Doucet believes that design and, more importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem solving, as well as aesthetics. He currently holds numerous patents for his designs and inventions. Find our more about his work at www.joedoucet.com Photography supplied by kind permission of Joe Doucet. – CN

Anna-Karin Karlsson ‘for a life less ordinary’

Haute couture eyewear with an avant-garde design

Putting a maximalist style at the heart of her work, eyewear designer Anna-Karin Karlsson has created a world of eyewear apart from the everyday. Decoration such as carved flowers, exotic wildlife and fantastical bugs and ‘claws’ have featured as embellishments for fronts, temples and bridges in works that highlight extravagant materials (24k gold, white gold and titanium) and immaculate execution.

This season, the collection unfolds with new dramatic sun entries, ‘Shady Luv’ and ‘Too Handsome’ defined by sophisticated forms with minute engraving work and jewellery settings. In 100% Japanese titanium, Shady Luv is hand-set with Swarovski crystals. Each colorway is available in just 100 limited edition pieces. The style is a reminder of the oversized mask shapes of the 00s with single visor lens. Above: Shady Luv, pictured in white gold with Zeiss mirrored lens.

Too Handsome by Anna-Karin Karlsson
Style “Too Handsome” combines Japanese acetate and titanium with attention to metal detailing and the engraving of AKK lettering. Another Limited edition entry, each colour of this design is produced in less than 50 pieces.
Anna-Karin Karlsson eyewear is available in luxury retail outlets around the world and online at https://annakarinkarlsson.com/shop/sunglasses/

Aviators: a directional design style

Aviator sunglasses continue to earn their iconic status. They lift and compliment most outfits with extraordinary versatility, a style staple through seasons and activities, from beach to business. The original teardrop silhouette is adaptable for many face shapes – just as much for women as men; it’s recommended if you have an oval, heart or square shaped face, but for the most part, with so many versions and sizes, there’s one for us all.

Independent eyewear labels are exploring the lightweight qualities of the design whilst make subtle changes to aesthetic details, eye shapes, lens colours or technical features to bring the styles a new-found directional elegance.

Above: Berlin-based designer Veronika Wildgruber’s new collection is inspired by geometry, the future and architecture. The Kent frame in the Interspace collection explores a completely new shaping of the lower section of the double bridge. Photo by @kerstinzupan. For more details about designer Veronika Wildgruger visit www.eyewear.veronikawildgruber.com

LINDBERG 8209: modern minimal lines + traditional teardrop lens shape

The LINDBERG 8209 is part of the Air Titanium line with full-rim made entirely of ultralight titanium wire. The frame is vintage inspired and timeless yet fully on trend with a choice of colourful Zeiss sun lenses, ranging from traditional to bold and bright. www.LINDBERG.com

Delon by Gotti Switzerland – an ophthalmic shape, adapted from the classic aviator

Gotti Switzerland’s new entries for Summer include the very finely structured model Delon, a large shape for men, with a slightly angled rim below the top bridge line. The minimal design is achievable through the expert application of ultralight Japanese titanium. www.gotti.ch

Street art inspired: JF1494 by JF Rey

Designer Jean-François Rey plays with colour in acetate in the new JF1494 Urban Collage design. Inspired by the eye-catching tonal palette and details of famous street art in his home city of Marseille and the vibrant bohemian quarter of Cours Julien, Rey applies spectacular acetate materials with mixes of tones and patterns in designs which are literally bursting with personality and French-infused style.

Cours Julien, Marseille – colorful street art is a feature of this quarter

The designs (of which there are 12 in the Urban Collage collection) focus on the careful selection of the materials, the asymmetrical and diagonal lamination techniques – unique signature elements in the range – and the fun and fanciful mix of colours. Various tortoiseshell shades in graphic combinations and contrasting styles add an assertive, distinctive look to the final designs. For more information visit www.jfrey.fr

Tasoni welcomes Lapima SS20 collection

In an exclusive brand partnership the luxury Tasoni boutiques (Zurich, Switzerland) are releasing three glamorous Lapima sun models with a chic collab “Lapima + Tasoni” logo, discreetly appearing on the inside of the temple. The Brazilian SS2020 sunglasses collection (including models Teresa, Andrea and Joca) is the latest addition at the much-admired Swiss fashion stores which specialise in luxury brands and emerging designers for men and women, curated by sisters Taya and Tary Sawiris – and sourced across the globe. Above: SS2020 Lapima: the model wears model Teresa in mint. The frame has a bold square shape, inspired by 1960s retro sunglasses.

Lapima model Andrea, a co-created version with Tasoni – Mazzucchelli acetate, German OBE hinges in titanium, sun lenses by Essilor

The Andrea, a statement frame in the release, is a unisex piece inspired by scuba goggles, with the distinctive oversized shape based on the aviator. The colours of the shades are inspired by the ocean, ranging from delicate tones of mint, one of our favourite tones of the summer collections, and caramel alongside bold cherry and dark olive green (see Andrea above).

About the brand – Launched by Gisela and Gustavo Assis in 2016, Lapima is based on Brazilian design, with geometric lines that play with light and shadow in frames produced principally in Italian acetate. With backgrounds in dance and sport, the founders are both inspired by movement and aesthetic rigour, which set the path for creating the essence of a novel artisan sunglasses collection. The label is based on and continues to expand through constant experimentation, and proposes pieces which “frame the face” while still evoking a sharp image, filled with contemporary attitude. All Lapima frames are manufactured by artisans in São Paulo, Brazil.

Lapima sunglasses are available at Tasoni, St. Peterstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich (Switzerland) and branches including The Chedi Andermatt. For more information visit www.tasoni.com and www.lapima.com